Study Visits for International Students

The aim of the Study Visits to Estonian Research Institutions is to make Estonian research accomplishments, institutions and researchers visible to international students currently studying in Estonia.

The academic, cultural and personal background of the international students is varied. Learning about Estonian research makes it easier for them to connect with the society, become more aware and think about their academic interests. Furthermore, the visits demonstrate the high-level, cooperative, international and accessible research environment in Estonia. Thanks to the size and flexibility of Estonian institutions, there is a good opportunity to engage in inter-disciplinary cooperation and research in any field. Also, it is important to notice the potential of international students’ to be the future peers of Estonian researchers.

The visits are organized by The Estonian Research Council in cooperation with local Erasmus Student Networks (ESN) – ESN Tallinn and ESN Tartu.

ESN Tartu Science Visit – Institute of Computer Science

Date: 21.02.17 - 21.02.17 | Time: 4PM

Now you have an opportunity to visit the Institute of Computer Science and learn about computational neuroscience and virtual reality. We are going to have : 1) An introduction to computational neuroscience Ardi Tampuu...

Institute of Informatics

Date: 22.09.14

On 22/09/2014 international students visited the Institute of Informatics at the Tallinn University. Mart Laanpere, senior researcher in educational technology, introduced the institute and its research groups. Professor David Lamas talked about the work of the Interaction Design Laboratory in the fields...

Estonian Genome Center

Date: 16.09.14

On 16/9/2014 the foreign students visited The Estonian Genome Center of the University and Tartu to learn about research done on the field of biostatistics, bioinformatics and functional genomics and population-based biobank’s role in research, medicine...

Institute of Technology

Date: 06.03.14

On 6/3/2014 the foreign students visited the lab of electronics and artifical muscles in Univeristy of Tartu’s Institute of Technology.  The students got to see the core facilities of the instutute. Kalev Tarkpea, Alo Peets and Friedrich Kaasik introduced electronics labs and gave...

Estonian Maritime Museum

Date: 10.03.14

On 10/3/2014 a group of international students visited The Estonian Maritime Museum in order to learn about underwater archeology. This exciting branch of research was introduced to students by the museum’s researchers, who presented an overview of the...

Estonian Biocenter

Date: 26.03.13

On 26/3/13  the international students visited the Estonian Biocentre. The students got acquainted with Estonian Genome Centre’s core laboratories and bio repository. Additionally, senior researcher of genomics Krista Fischer gave a presentation on “Doing a top – level science in Estonia, is...

Tartu Observatory

Date: 25.09.13

On 25/9/13 the foreign students visited Tartu Observatory. Estonian research in astronomy and cosmology were intoroduced to them. The students also saw the observatory’s buildings, the telescope, andEstCube’s location in real time. ESTCube’s project manager and observatory’s research fellow Silver Lätt gave a presentation...

Center for Biorobotics

Date: 07.10.13

On 7/10/13 foreign students visited the Tallinn University of Technology’s Center for Biorobotics to get an overview of the center’s main research themes. Students met with several doctoral students and researchers working at the Center. Each of them...

Chair of Archaeology

Date: 14.11.13

On 14/11/13 a study visit to University of Tartu’s Chair of Archeology took place. Archaeologist Marge Konsa gave a presentation about the past and present of Estonian Archaeology. Doctoral student Ragnar Saageintroduced the lab, storerooms and 3D modelling, highlighting the importance of visual reconstructions in archeology. Moreover,...

Materials Engineering

Date: 19.11.13

On 19/11/13 the international students got to discover material sciences at Tallinn University’s Department of Materials Engineering. Marek Tarrastegave a presentation about mechanical and materials engineering and showed the research laboratories. Powder metallurgy was introduced to the international students and they...