Author - reimo rehkli

Mummies United Researchers

In 1819, the district magistrate of Livonia, Otto Magnus von Richter, gifted to the University of Tartu a collection of relics assembled by his Orient-interested son during his [...]

Society does not treat and interpret women as heroes yet

A still from author's video, “Voore linna vabastamine“ (“Freeing of Voore town“). Roots received inspiration from female tractor operators who described their work very vividly, highlighting the heavy, [...]

How to charge your phone battery in a rainforest using algae?

Rainforest. Source: What do you do if your phone battery is about to die, but you are stranded in a rainforest and the nearest populated area is one [...]

First cow calf in Estonia born from the OPU technology

On January 27th, a new cow calf was born. She looks and acts like any other newborn calf. But what is special about her is the way she [...]

National research awards laureates – what do they do?

National research awards in 2018. Author/source: ERR Last week, the Government of the Republic announced this year’s laureates of the national research awards. ERR Novaator has compiled an overview [...]

The Government supported the prime minister’s proposal of Estonia joining CERN

Estonian Government supported the proposal of Prime Minister Jüri Ratas concerning Estonia joining the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). “CERN membership will help renew Estonian economy, which is [...]

2018 sees the start of 42 new personal research funding projects

Illustrative photo from How could miscarriage, forest pathogens, power electronic converters and demographic developments all fit in one sentence? In short they are all topics of research and [...]

Study by University of Tartu Scientist Published in a Renowned Science Magazine

Kaur Alasoo and a fire truck. Credit: Randel Kreitsberg Kaur Alasoo, a young scientist who has defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Cambridge and is now working [...]

TTÜ doctoral thesis contributes to the development of mobile mapping system

MLS sensors on a purpose-built frame mounted on car’s rear-side Laser scanning is becoming an essential part of modern mapping technology. Laser scanning is a remote sensing method, which [...]

The Lost Forests: Reconstructing the development of European forests

A group of researchers, including senior researcher Shinya Sugita from Tallinn University, have created the opportunity to reconstruct the development of European forests after the Ice Age. This [...]