Author - reimo rehkli

First ERC Grant to Tallinn University

In June 2018, the five-year project “Between the Times, Embattled Temporalities and Political Imagination in Interwar Europe” will begin at Tallinn University School of Humanities. The project is run [...]

Estonian researcher’s method promises a breakthrough in the development of allergy medications

Pharmaceutical companies have an enormous interest in the testing of new candidate drugs on mast cells, which are responsible for causing severe allergies and asthma, although currently, there [...]

TTÜ professor was awarded prestigious DuPont Nutrition and Health Science Excellence Medal

Raivo Vilu – Professor of Biotechnology at the Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ), Director of Research and Development at the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (CFFT), earned [...]

Prestigious grant helps Estonian researchers to bring smart cancer treatment to pharmacies

Researchers at the University of Tartu have developed a smart cancer treatment  that is based on a novel carrier peptide which, when injected into blood vessels, seeks out [...]

Tallinn Call for Action aims to mobilise support for research and innovation in Europe

The Estonian Presidency conference “European Research Excellence – Impact and Value for Society” held in Tallinn on 12 October brought together high level experts to discuss the value [...]

Modern renal replacement therapy is undergoing significant changes

A doctoral thesis defended at TTÜ recommends optical monitoring for improving the efficiency of renal replacement therapy. Recently Ruth Tomson defended her doctoral thesis “Urea- and Creatinine-Based Parameters in [...]

Study Trip to the Fields of Estonian Research

A path in a bog. (C) Siiri Kumari, Date: 14.06.17 – 16.06.17 An introduction to the Estonian science scene and field works, meet-ups with local journalists Participants: 10 international journalists Location: Estonia Time: June [...]

ESN Tartu Science Visit – Institute of Computer Science

Date: 21.02.17 – 21.02.17 | Time: 4PM How much do you know about computational neuroscience, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and computer graphics? Have you visited one of the fastest growing and most international [...]