Author - reimo rehkli

Scientists Involved Local People to Elaborate the Future Plan for Coastal Areas

Author: Tarmo Pikner On the coastal areas there is quite a common and never-ending dilemma between nature reservation and socio-economical development. Therefore, Estonia and Finland are not exceptions. But to [...]

Cyber Hygiene Behaviour Needs Development and Better Advising

Humans being unaware of cyber related risks – such as, for example, clicking on a link on which they shouldn’t be clicking and thus potentially installing malware on [...]

Doctoral thesis shows how the living environment can alter ethnic affiliation

Percentage of Russian-speakers in Estonian rural and urban neighbourhoods When talking about segregation in Estonia, it is usually about Estonians and Russians growing apart. What human geographers mostly [...]

Estonian researcher knows how to improve the uniform waste collection system

Source: Recently Monica Vilms defended her doctoral thesis “Waste handling management in city centres, low-density areas and small islands and its effect on formation of air emission” at [...]

Novel calculation method by scientists from Tartu identifies the “bad” genes of superbacteria

The calculation method by Tartu’s scientists interests molecular biologists and geneticists who want a more detailed understanding of the reasons behind the development of resistance. Author/source: Fllicr/Nathan [...]

New Knowledge About Youngsters’ BMI and Bone Density Give Benefits to Help Them

Source: Obesity in childhood and adolescence is a serious health risk that results in various health problems. Major changes in body weight, height, and body composition occur during [...]

Estonian Aviation Scientists Develop Remote Tower Center to Centralize the Air Traffic Services

The objective of air traffic control is to prevent collisions between aircraft in the air, on the maneuvering area of an aerodrome, and to expedite and maintain an [...]

Telework is the optimal solution for extending worklife

René Arvola defended his PhD thesis “Telework as a solution for extending worklife” at TalTech Department of Business Administration. Teleworking has become increasingly popular among people engaged in [...]

Taking iron helps reduce risks in anaemic, pregnant women

The fear of giving birth is not a sufficient argument for doctors to allow a caesarean section. Author/source: Freepik Karina Luik, a medical student at the University of Tartu, [...]

Computer simulation answers Darwin’s questions about the spread of island biota

Volcanic islands offer a great opportunity for studying how the initially completely lifeless islands are populated by plant and animal species. The photo shows the lava fields in [...]