Author - reimo rehkli

Researchers have assembled Eurasian perch genome

In a study published recently in the scientific journal G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, researchers from Estonian University of Life Sciences in collaboration with colleagues from University of Turku assembled [...]

The materials engineers are developing environmentally friendly materials for producing smart textiles

Recently the research article “A method for producing conductive graphene biopolymer nanofibrous fabrics by exploitation of an ionic liquid dispersant in electrospinning” written by the researchers of Tallinn [...]

DOI codes will be used parallel to species names

Linnaea borealis, also known as twinflower, was Carl von Linné's favourite plant and is thus named after him. Author/source: CC/Flickr Scientists at the University of Tartu created a new [...]

Slash and burn cultivation played an important role in the formation of southern Estonian landscapes

Pille Tomson‘s doctoral thesis, which was defended at the Estonian University of Land Sciences, shows that rotational slash and burn cultivation affected the formation of southern Estonian landscapes [...]

Estonians Are Developing a Better World via Technology

SMENETE2 project is a collaboration project between two partners: Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and the Estonian SME Thinnect. It is an applied research project where TalTech scientists [...]

Research by scientists from Tartu explains how to influence the opening of a plant’s “mouth”

Closed and open stomata on the surface of a plant. Author: PS MicroGraphs Recent research by plant biologists at the University of Tartu explains why and when a plant [...]

Smarter data analysis strategies will improve infertility treatment in the future

Scientists from Tartu have discovered a simple way how to improve infertility treatment in the future. The results of the study, published in Human Reproduction, a top journal [...]

Study by the Estonian Genome Center of UT might have saved 13 people from early heart attack

High levels of LDL cholesterol are characteristics of familial hypercholesterolaemia. The disease increases the likelihood of early coronary heart disease and stroke. Author/source: Pixabay Estonians have too much cholesterol [...]

TalTech Researchers Help to Develop Societal Resilience to Disasters in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Due to different reasons – the wilderness of the natural environment, and the socio-demographic and economical situation – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand are notably vulnerable to disasters. [...]

Doctoral thesis explained why online journalism contains so many errors

Online journalists are expected to have a multitude of skills but working under time pressure and quantity requirements leaves little opportunity to apply these different skills. Source: [...]