agricultural sciences

Slash and burn cultivation played an important role in the formation of southern Estonian landscapes

Pille Tomson‘s doctoral thesis, which was defended at the Estonian University of Land Sciences, shows that rotational slash and burn cultivation affected the formation of southern Estonian landscapes [...]

Tapeworms cause global health problems and economic damage

As many as two doctoral theses were defended in the University of Tartu recently on the Echinococcus tapeworms that represent an alarming global public health and economic problem. [...]

Ornithologists discovered useful information about rare eagle

In Estonia, there are only about 5-10 breeding territories of greater spotted eagles (Clanga clanga) and about half of them are occupied by hybridizing pairs of greater and [...]

The marbled crayfish have established themselves in Narva power plant

These marbled crayfish are catched from the cooling canal od Narva power plant. Author: Mari-Liis Koemets The scientist Fabio Ercoli, who discovered marbled crayfish last autumn in the cooling [...]

Hide and seek in the plant kingdom: some species live a hidden life under the soil for years

Although scientists assumed that the hidden lifestyle is more characteristic to plants with long lifespans, it turned out that more often it is the plants that have shorter [...]

A study by UT scientists: drained peatlands emit laughing gas

A global study lead by geographers at the University of Tartu has revealed that drained nitrogen-rich peatlands produce laughing gas, which degrades the ozone layer and warms the [...]

Drought-induced changes in forest composition amplify effects of climate variability on forest carbon gain

The scientist of Estonian University of Life Sciences involved in a study demonstrating that drought-induced changes in forest composition amplify effects of climate variability on forest carbon gain. Healthy [...]

Pumpkins and cucumbers might become furrier in the future

Gland-tipped hairs help against the effects of ozone. Author/source: Studies led by scientists from the Estonian University of Life Sciences indicate that many crops with hairier leaves tolerate [...]

First cow calf in Estonia born from the OPU technology

On January 27th, a new cow calf was born. She looks and acts like any other newborn calf. But what is special about her is the way she [...]

National research awards laureates – what do they do?

National research awards in 2018. Author/source: ERR Last week, the Government of the Republic announced this year’s laureates of the national research awards. ERR Novaator has compiled an overview [...]