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Applied Theatre Helps Children to Overcome the Loss of a Close Person

Grief is a natural part of life that probably everyone will experience during their life. For children and young people, there are specific grief support programmes such as [...]

Scientists Involved Local People to Elaborate the Future Plan for Coastal Areas

Author: Tarmo Pikner On the coastal areas there is quite a common and never-ending dilemma between nature reservation and socio-economical development. Therefore, Estonia and Finland are not exceptions. But to [...]

Does language relation equal actual relation? Genes provide the answer

Native speakers of the Uralic languages are geographically located in very different areas. Geneticists at the University of Tartu studied the similarities between the Estonians living on the western [...]

Folkloristic Approach Throws New Light on Old Norse Sagas

Old Norse family sagas are the part of vernacular literature written by Scandinavian people up to 14th century. Although the stories are very realistic, usually connected with realism [...]

What to notice in the Soviet Estonian Female Bildungsroman?

Bildungsroman – novels that focus on the young female protagonist's quest for her role in society. Author/source: cacaye/Flickr Recently, Johanna Ross defended her doctoral thesis at the University of [...]

PhD student from Tartu University studies ritual use of psychedelic brew in Brazil

Helle Kaasik, a PhD student at the University of Tartu, School of Theology and Religious Studies, has studied the chemical composition of the ritual psychedelic ayahuasca brew in [...]

Interdisciplinary model could help to give patients existential support

According to the current professional standard in Estonia – clinical pastoral care is professional existential and religious support that is offered in compliance with the needs of a [...]

Animated Films Reflect Features of Society

The unique cultural environment and complicated history of Eastern Europe have formed an extremely particular tradition of animated film. Interpreting this tradition could help us to understand the [...]

Master of Philosophy at the University of Tartu explains the destructive power of pain

Try to describe the experience of hitting your elbow against the edge of a table. How would you put the specifics of this experience into words? To make it [...]

Framing cuteness factors can give answers about animal conservation or designing a robot

Author: Jason Mario Dydynski Most people can agree that animals like puppies and kittens are cute, often getting that “awww” feeling when looking at them while finding it incredibly [...]