Defendec is an innovative company specialising in the development of world-class remote premises surveillance technology. With its main base in Estonia, the company also operates in Washington D.C and Singapore. They provide surveillance in four sectors: border guard, defense systems, infrastructure and oil and gas.

Previously known as Smartdust Solutions, the company began at 2006; in 2010 the name was changed and Defendec. Founded by Jaanus Tamm and Tauri Tuubel, the company started to focus on defense and surveillance technology around the time of the name change. Jaanus Tamm has years of experience in IT and has established three separate IT companies. Tauri Tuubel has extensive experience in product development, IT and has led an engineering team in a global company.

Defendec’s main product is Smartdec. This is an autonomous situational awareness platform for surveillance in remote areas. The system’s small, wireless and easily camouflaged detectors, equipped with high definition cameras and long-life batteries, recognise human and vehicular infiltrations. Smartdec is one of the longest lasting and most reliable perimeter intrusion detection systems on the market. It monitors a specified area, detects intruders, analyses data and provides visual confirmation in a matter of seconds.

ReconEyez, an intrusion detection system built to secure assets within the oil and gas industry, was designed specifically to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV is either too expensive to install or that are inaccessible. ReconEyez can be used to provide early warnings as well as to mitigate the risks of intrusion, theft, vandalism, terrorism and technological or natural disasters.

The company’s new type of wireless sensor networking technology is patented. They cooperate with European Border Guards and Frontex, and Defendec is currently developing embedded software for TALOS (pan-European research project), a European Union next generation land border surveillance system. The company also supports academic research.

Defendec was named the defense industry company of the year in 2015, with their surveillance technology being used in more than 20 countries around the world. The company is also one of the subcontractors implementing the Smartdec project in Middle-Eastern countries, Eastern Europe,  The Nordics and South-East Asia.