Returning researcher grant

What is the objective for the grant?

The grant is provided with the aim of balancing and encouraging the circulation of minds through returning researcher grants. The Estonian state attaches importance to the return of researchers who have gone abroad to work, in order to facilitate the application of knowledge and experience acquired abroad in Estonia.

What is the amount of the grant?

The amount of the grant depends on the amount of personal research grants issued for post-doctoral researchers from the state budget and is defined in Annex 2 to the directive on Mobilitas Pluss. The final beneficary of the grant is an Estonian R&D institution, company or higher education institution hiring returning researchers who have come from abroad. The grant is subject to an own contribution requirement of 5% by the host institution.

The amounts are:

34 650 €/per year for experimental projects

31 710 €/per year for non-experimental projects

6500 € in the first year of the project for relocation support

How long is the period of the grant?

The minimum grant period is 12 months and the maximum period is 24 months.

Implementation of the returning researcher project should commence within one year after the decision to grant the application, unless a different agreement has been negotiated with good reason. The grant period will commence on the date specified in the grant agreement.

More specific information: Estonian Research Council webpage