Centre of Excellence „Ecology of Global Change: Natural and Managed Ecosystems“ (EcolChange)


Through lateral integration six top-level research teams, one from Estonian University of Life Sciences and 5 from University of Tartu, contribute towards further internationalization and strengthening of the research agenda and provide the necessary resources to target national priorities in environmental and agricultural research and adaptation to climate change.

It aims to:

  • Integrate studies of ecosystem function, biodiversity and adaptability;
  • Create symbiosis between macroecological big-data, genetic and experimental approaches
  • Incorporate ecological knowledge into principles of adaptation to global change through sustainable ecosystem management;
  • Enhance ecologically sustainable economic growth via smart regional planning in forestry and agriculture: functionally diverse forests, cultivars for future climates, novel crops and sustainable nutrient cycles.

For research in the Centre of Excellence during 7 years (March 1, 2016 – March 1, 2023) is allocated 4 436 585,27 €, of which 4 214756 €  (95%) is  funded by European Regional Development Fund. Sciences.

Head of the Centre is Professor Ülo Niinemets, ylo.niinemets@emu.ee, Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Webpage: http://ecolachange.emu.ee