Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (CEES)

The CEES aims at a complex study of the linguistic and cultural structure of ethnic groups in Estonia, analyses its content and philosophical starting points and proposes models for 1) the dynamics and cultural diversity of transnational phenomena and processes; 2) local cultural patterns created by communities; 3) historical and modern trajectories of cultural diversity, categories of historical variation (conceptual, confessional, linguistic), the movement of innovations on the basis of former patterns; 4) forms of linguistic behaviour and practice. Cultural processes are observed both in modern context and throughout history. The research base are digital resources created by the research teams & partners, experiments, field data. The huge corpora enable to study big data by using the possibilities offered by digital humanities. The strength of the CEES lies in the synergy evolving from the closer cooperation between the researchers of the humanities and those of computer sciences.

Estonian Literary Museum, Head of the Centre Leading Researcher Mare Kõiva