Competence Centre ELIKO

Eliko offers a range of embedded sensing and communication technologies fit for the future Internet of Things (IoT) environment. As one of the main sources of competence for the Estonian ICT and electronics industry, Eliko has been developing Estonian ICT capabilities, digital standards and public services for over 10 years already.

Our main goal is still to help companies develop competitive products for various markets and applications, such as health care, logistics and manufacturing.

ELIKO has more than 15 international patents in the field of signal processing and data acquisition, hundreds of publications and articles in leading scientific journals. However, we also offer final products such as the street lighting control system, which also enables to run new IoT services in the same data network. Eliko has also developed a precise positioning technology suitable for asset tracking in logistics and manufacturing.

Main research areas

Eliko has two distinct focus areas:

1. Sensing and Signal Processing for IoT aims to create and develop algorithms that are suitable for compact and energy efficient electronic devices, for example disposable point‐of‐care medical devices.
2. IoT Infrastructures, Applications and Services focuses on creating software and communication solutions that could significantly simplify data transmission in the future IoT environment. Moreover, Eliko will also pilot new IoT services in the urban environment including smart traffic and environmental monitoring solutions.


Eliko Competence Centre program has overall 19 partner companies in Estonia with specific needs in product development. Our partners are relatively large software companies like Cybernetica as well as ambitious start‐ups like Threod Systems. Moreover, two major hospitals in Tallinn help Eliko develop our healthcare related applications.