Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre (IMECC OÜ)

Main objective of IMECC OÜ is to develop and promote novel manufacturing and to create preconditions for development of efficient, intelligent and competitive production. In research and development, we follow Industry 4.0 concept and concept of factory of the future.

We are partner to companies in development of novel and competitive solutions and their implementation as well as in the field of offering expert estimations, consultations, trainings etc.

In cooperation with MECA, IMECC has very high level research and production base including flexible manufacturing system. IMECC’s management belongs to development team of European Manufuture programme. In addition to research work, IMECC is occupied with development of knowledge, vocational education and cluster development in mechatronics and manufacturing engineering. IMECC is lead partner in several international projects.

Main research areas
  1. Integrated systems and smart manufacturing technologies (sensors and ad hoc systems for manufacturing monitoring and improvement of efficiency, feature based machining, development and implementation of production expert systems incl. visualizing technologies etc.).
  2. Intelligent reconfigurable manufacturing based on robot-cells (product family analysis for determining efficient manufacturing concept, development of optimal robot-technical systems, new manufacturing models, software and hardware development for robot-technical systems etc.).
  3. Design optimisation of multifunctional engineering structures (novel multifunctional structures for laminated glass and their use and optimisation, smart materials in energetics, ad hoc systems etc.).

Tallinn University of Technology, Norcar BSB Eesti, Pro-Step, ELI, JeldWen Eesti, Dafine Engineering OÜ, Sumar Tools OÜ, Association of Mechatronics (MECA), etc.