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Estonian Centre for Genomics (ECG)

RI description

The Estonian Centre for Genomics (ECG) combines a population-based biobank and an infrastructure for genomics studies. The ECG is a genomics hub for the Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI ERIC).

Sequencing, genotyping and gene expression analysis, cytogenetics , cancer research studies, metagenomics, etc – EGC Core Facility offers a wide range of services to study various species with the latest technology from Illumina.

RI research services

The Estonian Genome Centre Core Facility is dedicated to providing genotyping and sequencing services to researchers, clinicians, and others using state-of-the-art technology. In 2006, the ECG started with an Illumina BeadArray platform. Today, the core facility is equipped with Illumina’s HiSeq2500 and MiSeq for whole genome and targeted sequencing projects, and a HiScanSQ for genome-wide genotyping, methylation, and expression analyses. From the beginning of 2012, the core facility has been certified by Illumina as Illumina Certified Service Providers (CSPro) for genotyping, gene expression, and sequencing.
Access to Estonian Biobank sources
Providing access to Biobank samples, donor health details, and phenotype and genotype data, including genealogy data.

Equipment at the RI
IT infrastructure
A full software set with several modules with the specific task of collecting additional data from gene donors and to provide data for scientists in a user-friendly way.

Hosting organisation: Estonian Biocentre / University of Tartu
Riia mnt 23b, Tartu

CTM offers infrastructure for preclinical and clinical research Source: National Centre For Translational And Clinical Research (CTM)
National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research (CTM)

RI description

The general objective of the CTM is to advance medical research in Estonia by improving its quality and implementation. The CTM’s mission is to transform scientific discoveries into innovative and high-impact medicines, diagnostics, and medical equipment through the means of collaboration between academia, industrial, and governmental partners. CTM is also the partner in the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS ERIC).

CTM offers infrastructure for preclinical and clinical research Source: National Centre For Translational And Clinical Research (CTM)

RI research services

Animal models, diagnostics, translational research.
Genomics and metabolomics.
Biomarker discovery, disease collections, and clinical research.
Consulting services: study design, site selection, initiation, project management, study coordination, EC and regulatory approvals, and the financial aspects of the clinical project.
GCP training, and educational courses related to study design and methodology.

Equipment at the RI

Small animal MRI, animal house, BSL3 animal laboratory, plus rodent phenotyping.
A transgenic technology laboratory.
Small animal bioluminescence and fluorescence live imagining.
The Laboratory of Toxicology (GLP).
A next generation sequencer, Ion Torrent, & Proton Torrent.
A histology and pathology laboratory.
Disease collections and databasing.
Confocal microscopy.
Mass spectrometry.
High-performance liquid chromatography.
Equipment for the functional assessment of the musculoskeletal system.

Hosting organisation: University of Tartu
Ravila 19 / 50411 Tartu
Külli Kingo
Katrin Kaarna
Mario Plaas