ReLaDe is a startup company based in Estonia which is revolutionising the concept of laundry detergent. Regular chemical detergents are toxic and harm reproductive health when spread into the water ecosystem, so ReLaDe founders argue that instead of using these toxic compounds, biological enzymes can be used without any loss of performance and with lower energy consumption. The five-man University of Tartu spin-off company created this green technology, which greatly reduces the environmental footprint created during the production of chemical detergents, as well as reducing the amount of chemical contamination in drinking water per household.

ReLaDe have invented a biological laundry detergent that contains magnetic nanoparticles which bind the detergent’s enzyme molecules and magnetises them. As a result, magnetic detergent molecules can be removed very easily from wastewater via magnetic force, and reused in subsequent wash cycles for months. The company’s main target group are washing machine producers. The founders, who received third place in the European Climate Launchpad competition, are still looking for partners and clients who could invest in, or use their technology, especially in high-end washing machines.

ReLaDe claims that their laundry detergent can be reused at least hundred times, which means that if produced on an industrial scale and adopted into widespread use, it could have significantly positive health and environmental implications.