Estonian Research Information System

The Estonian Research Information System (ETIS), established as state register in 2006 by the Estonian Ministry of Education, concentrates information on research- and development institutions, researchers, research projects and various research results. ETIS is an information channel and a tool for researchers, R&D institutions and research administrators.

  • Researchers can use ETIS as a place, where they can store their CVs, submit applications for grant competitions and introduce their research results more widely.
  • R&D institutions can submit through ETIS applications and register all their research output and grant contracts. Several R&D institutions use ETIS also as their internal research information system.
  • Research funders use ETIS for evaluating and processing applications, giving feedback and monitoring research performance.

Estonian Research Portal is the public section of the Estonian Research Information System. It concentrates information on Estonian R&D and offers an environment for operative information dissemination.

The Portal helps:

  • to view public information for all the R&D institutions described in the system.
  • to obtain public information about different research projects.
  • to search for a publication by the author’s name, search word, publication type, year of publishing (or period), connected R&D institution or classification.
  • to search for people active in science in Estonia and obtain information about them, including a person’s CV, information about the projects the person is involved in, and a person’s list of publications.

Research Portal is also a channel for latest research news and where upcoming events have been gathered. The System is administered in Estonian Research Council.