Skeleton Technologies

Skeleton Technologies is the global leader in graphene-based ultracapacitors and energy storage systems, based in Estonia. This enterprise delivers high power, high energy, reliable and long-life storage solutions for industry. Using the patented nanoporous carbide-derived carbon or ‘curved graphene’ allows them to exceed the limitations of their competitors up to four times in relation to power density and two times to energy density.

This enterprise was founded in 2009 by Taavi Madiberk and Oliver Ahlberg. Taavi Madiberk brought his knowledge and experience from the IT, locomotive and non-profit sectors. Oliver Ahlberg has previously worked in IT and the creative services.

Their solutions can be used on the ground, in the air and in space. The enterprise offers intelligent module solutions in the transportation, space, defense and motorsport industries. Skeleton Technologies’ full systems include everything from the modules to the inverter, so the only thing the customer needs to do is enjoy the long lifetime and reliability of ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems.

Their customers include the European Space Agency and several Tier 1 automotive outfits. Ultracapacitors solve crucial energy storage and power delivery problems in relation to power quality, renewable energy and transportation, also within the industrial sector by recapturing energy which would be otherwise lost.  In addition to energy and power density, their ultracapacitors have low internal resistance and high chemical purity, which gives a significant reliability advantage over activated carbons.

They received the best startup award at Ecosummit in 2015 and US magazine Forbes chose one of the founders as a top young leader in the science and healthcare sectors. They have also been recognised as one of the global pioneers in the clean technology sector. They have truly achieved global breakthroughs in ultracapacitor performance.