research infrastructure

Efficient RIs enable the greatest discoveries in science and technology, while also attracting researchers from around the world and building bridges between research communities. They allow researchers to be trained and facilitate innovation and knowledge-sharing.

This page contains a selection of important 1) Estonian research infrastructure units and presents Estonian participation in 2) ESFRI Roadmap objects.

  1. Core Infrastructures belong to the R&D institutions and are necessary when it comes to carrying out the research themes that have been established in the public interest. These can also be used by other parties pursuant to the conditions and procedures that have been established by the R&D institution. Core Infrastructures bring with them a high level of scientific equipment or technology and highly skilled manpower. Their main task is to serve the research community and entrepreneurship through the means of providing expertise and analytical opportunities in various areas. Currently there are eight Core Infrastructures, which are also part of the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap.

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2. Estonia is a member of several international research infrastructures (ESFRI roadmap objects and others). The Estonian Research Council participates in accession preparations, representing Estonia in accession negotiations and with governing bodies for international research infrastructures after having joining them.

Research infrastructures (RIs) are facilities, resources, and services which are used by the scientific community to conduct research and foster innovation. They include major scientific equipment, resources such as collections, archives, or scientific data, e-infrastructures such as data and computing systems, and communications networks. RIs can be single-sited (a single resource at a single location), distributed (a network of distributed resources), or virtual (the service is provided electronically).