Infomaterials, that are collected here, will help you navigate through the Estonian research environment and provide information on research performing organisations, funding and career opportunities, and interesting research areas.


Research in Estonia onepager

This onepager describes shortly the highlights of the Estonian research and development.

Estonian Research 2019

This report introduces the landscape of Estonian research.


Article ``Estonia - a place for science``

Research funding in Estonia

This booklet includes an overview of the research system and funding in Estonia, information about grants and funding programmes, and useful links to give a deeper insight into the research system and funding in Estonia.

Estonian Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2019

The publication provides an overview of the research infrastructures which have the most importance and those that will have the greatest impact on Estonia over the coming years.


Estonian Research 2016

This report introduces the landscape of Estonian research.

Research Estonia powerpoint


Estonian Research International Marketing Strategy 2016–2022

Higher Education and Research in Estonia

This booklet serves as a primer for everyone interested in learning about the higher education and research possibilities in Estonia, providing an overview of the higher education and research systems, institutions and course programs conducted in English. Your journey to discover higher education and research in Estonia starts here.


Estonia in Research and Innovation

In this booklet you will find a few colourful examples of Estonian research and innovation from past till present.

Featured stories


Health Technologies 2.0

This booklet introduces success stories of Estonian research in the field of the health technologies.





A set of postcards

7 different postcards that reflect the remarkable Estonian research


Booth ``Research in Estonia``

Roll-up no 1

Roll-up no 2

Another source for photos, videos, sounds, presentations, illustrations, icons, the Aino typeface and other materials that can help to introduce Estonia and Estonian research, can be found at the website of Toolbox Estonia.