Competence Centers

There are six Competence Centers in Estonia.

Competence Centers are associations that are based on innovative cooperation between the public authorities, research and development institutions and enterprises. Their main objective is to provide support for regional business development represented by qualified specialists, various research and trainings, as well asphysical environment.

is a biotechnology company focused on research and product development in personal medicine, drug development and both human and veterinary reproductive medicine.Learn more
main scope and content of the research is the development of a systems biology platform for the study of microorganisms. This platform is applied to solve food technology and nutritional science tasks which are primary concerned to food quality, the stability of sensory and nutritional properties and to the relationships between food and health.Learn more
Competence Center Eliko offers a range of embedded sensing and communication technologies fit for the future Internet of Things (IoT) environment. As one of the main sources of competence for the Estonian ICT and electronics industry, Eliko has been developing Estonian ICT capabilities, digital standards and public services for over 10 years already.Learn more
carries out interdisciplinary R&D and services throughout the entire food chain — starting from breeding, feeding and animal husbandry up to creation of health‐promoting food products and conducting the clinical trials to demonstrate their the health benefits.Learn more
is R&D organisation where companies can access expertise in (big) data analytics and co-develop visionary technology products in this field.Learn more
Main objective of IMECC OÜ is to develop and promote novel manufacturing and to create preconditions for development of efficient, intelligent and competitive production. In research and development, we follow Industry 4.0 concept and concept of factory of the future.Learn more

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