Author - reimo rehkli

Compound found in citrus fruits may suppress the effectiveness of cancer treatment

Herbal supplements must be consumed carefully and consciously during active cancer treatment. Author/source: Andres Tennus, University of Tartu A preclinical trial conducted in Estonia shows that herbal supplements must [...]

Tallinn University of Technology is studying the possibilities for reducing microplastic pollution in the Baltic Sea

Source: Estonia together with eleven other European countries will study where and how microplastics are getting into the sea, how common it is and in which way it [...]

Wonder material graphene connects to a 5G network, coffee machines and self-driving cars

The extremely fast 5G data network will get its first christening in large cities. Author/source: Graphene Flagship The extremely fast 5G network is vital to the automated industry as [...]

The paleoecologists of Tallinn University of Technology evaluate global climate models

Source: The postglacial geology research group led by a paleoecologist, Professor of the Department of Geology of Tallinn University of Technology Siim Veski  are about to complete the [...]

Scientists Involved Local People to Elaborate the Future Plan for Coastal Areas

Author: Tarmo Pikner On the coastal areas there is quite a common and never-ending dilemma between nature reservation and socio-economical development. Therefore, Estonia and Finland are not exceptions. But to [...]

Cyber Hygiene Behaviour Needs Development and Better Advising

Humans being unaware of cyber related risks – such as, for example, clicking on a link on which they shouldn’t be clicking and thus potentially installing malware on [...]

Doctoral thesis shows how the living environment can alter ethnic affiliation

Percentage of Russian-speakers in Estonian rural and urban neighbourhoods When talking about segregation in Estonia, it is usually about Estonians and Russians growing apart. What human geographers mostly [...]

Estonian researcher knows how to improve the uniform waste collection system

Source: Recently Monica Vilms defended her doctoral thesis “Waste handling management in city centres, low-density areas and small islands and its effect on formation of air emission” at [...]

Novel calculation method by scientists from Tartu identifies the “bad” genes of superbacteria

The calculation method by Tartu’s scientists interests molecular biologists and geneticists who want a more detailed understanding of the reasons behind the development of resistance. Author/source: Fllicr/Nathan [...]

New Knowledge About Youngsters’ BMI and Bone Density Give Benefits to Help Them

Source: Obesity in childhood and adolescence is a serious health risk that results in various health problems. Major changes in body weight, height, and body composition occur during [...]