Author - reimo rehkli

Study by the Estonian Genome Center of UT might have saved 13 people from early heart attack

High levels of LDL cholesterol are characteristics of familial hypercholesterolaemia. The disease increases the likelihood of early coronary heart disease and stroke. Author/source: Pixabay Estonians have too much cholesterol [...]

TalTech Researchers Help to Develop Societal Resilience to Disasters in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Due to different reasons – the wilderness of the natural environment, and the socio-demographic and economical situation – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand are notably vulnerable to disasters. [...]

Doctoral thesis explained why online journalism contains so many errors

Online journalists are expected to have a multitude of skills but working under time pressure and quantity requirements leaves little opportunity to apply these different skills. Source: [...]

Folkloristic Approach Throws New Light on Old Norse Sagas

Old Norse family sagas are the part of vernacular literature written by Scandinavian people up to 14th century. Although the stories are very realistic, usually connected with realism [...]

What to notice in the Soviet Estonian Female Bildungsroman?

Bildungsroman – novels that focus on the young female protagonist's quest for her role in society. Author/source: cacaye/Flickr Recently, Johanna Ross defended her doctoral thesis at the University of [...]

New plants on the block: Taller species are taking over in a warming Arctic

Until now, the Arctic tundra has been the domain of low-growing grasses and dwarf shrubs. Defying the harsh conditions, these plants huddle close to the ground and often [...]

Butterflies that eat ants

A Formica ant milking sweet nectar from a Plebejus idas caterpillar. Ants are willing to protect butterfly larvae for the sake of this juice. Author/source: Margus Vilbas Would you [...]

First Precision Medicine Laboratory in Estonia Kicks Off

The lab is developing some more high-tech tests to enter international markets. For example, one of the next projects is now being tested in fertility treatment clinics – [...]

Estonians developed a smart barn

Smart barn at the SPARK demo area in Tartu. Author/source: Randel Kreitsberg In cooperation with scientists from the University of Tartu, the South Estonian organic farm, Koivakonnu, developed an [...]

Silver nanoparticles for antibacterial use: an interplay between a noble metal and bacteria-particle interface

Source: Antibiotic resistance is a problem of modern society. The average time for each antibiotic to yield antimicrobial resistance is 10 years. Due to this, the development of new [...]