Self driving bus in Tartu.  Photo: Janar Lind
New FinEst Centre-Led Project Sets Out to Cultivate Baltic Sea Region’s Deep tech Ecosystem
collaboration between academia, industry and decision-makers
Estonian Resource Nexus – unlocking the collaboration between academia, industry and decision-makers
Blood composition
Genetic Changes Improve Blood Composition in Papua New Guinea
Plant origin ingredients are effective antioxidants enhancing the quality of meat products. Photo: gate74 from Pixabay.
Boosting Meat Quality with Plant-Based Ingredients!
We took inspiration from nature, from the architecture of the spider.
Spider-inspired robots make delicate tasks easier!
crops fields nanodrones
How would a nanodrone be beneficial for inspecting crops?
The great tit
Feathers talk: birds are more abundant in diverse forests
infertility sperm
One of the largest male infertility genetic studies improves molecular diagnostics and personalized management of andrology patients
adhd, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
High genetic risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder suggests possible health consequences
Cabbage Seedpod Weevil. Photo: webpage of the Goverment of Alberta.
Green defense! New strategies to protect our crops and planet — insights from an interesting oilseed rape study.
TalTech PhD student and lover of all things space Katriin Kristmann
Katriin Kristmann: Dreaming of a solar park on the Moon and the next big step for humankind happening in 2026.
impress-u scientists working together
What is the IMPRESS-U measure? Scientists Join International Effort to Support Ukraine – already 4 projects funded.
Rain Kipper (author: Evelin Lumi). Lopsided galaxies shed light on the speed of dark matter
Dark matter’s speed, accounting for 85% of the universe’s matter, is illuminated by lopsided galaxies!
honey dna
Unique honey DNA test created by Estonian scientists and beekeepers!
CERN, estonia, cyberpunk
Estonian Scientists Say Full CERN Membership Will Have ‘Huge Impact’
Lyme disease is a bacterial disease that can only be prevented by avoiding ticks.
Are you at increased risk for Lyme Disease? Genetics will show!
Shaking-up earth-abundant metals for a sustainable future – Birch reduction 2.0
Cows eating food.
Genome editing contributes towards developing safe and sustainable food systems
According to Arumäe, conventional sociological studies can also provide insight into people's attitudes regarding vaccination
Personality traits can predict willingness to vaccinate
A new approach has the potential to double the efficiency of energy storage devices.
bird on a log
Bird Stress Can Be Measured in Saliva
Estonian expatriate scientist challenged the notion of male mammals being larger than females
Estonian expatriate scientist challenged the notion of male mammals being larger than females
Research team at SLAC Laboratory: Mianzhen Mo, experiment (SLAC, USA); Alfredo A. Correa, modeling (LLNL, USA); and Artur Tamm, modeling (UT, Estonia).
New Methodology Simplifies Search for Materials Resistant to Extreme Conditions
Tartu U-space Testing Center signing
ANRA Technologies partners with Estonian Aviation Academy to establish U-space test Center in Estonia

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