Research Institutions

This section provides information about the public R&D institutions in Estonia.

In addition to those organizations’ websites, information about Estonian researchers, research projects and R&D institutes can be found in Estonian Research Information System. The structure and basis of operation of Estonia’s research and development (R&D) system are established in the Research and Development Organisation Act (RDOA). The directions for the development of research and development and innovation (RDIE) are determined in the Estonian Research and Development and Innovation Strategy 2021-2035.

Most research and development in Estonia is performed at the universities. The largest such public university is the University of Tartu, followed by the Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. In addition, the Estonian Business School that is the oldest privately-owned business university in the Baltics. Take a look on the universities.Learn more
External evaluation of research and development is carried out either as a regular evaluation for assessing the level of a field of research, or as a targeted evaluation for developing research policy and for obtaining the information necessary for organising of research and development in a field of science. Take a look on the evaluated institutions.Learn more
A centre of excellence consists of one or more internationally high-level research teams that have a clear set of common research objectives and work under the same management. A centre of excellence may be formed from the research teams of one or several R&D institutions (incl. researchers working in the private sector). The aim of centres of excellence is to support high-level research, thus creating preconditions for the improved cooperation and competitiveness of Estonian research in the European Research Area and to increase the participation and success of Estonia in the EU research framework programme Horizon 2020. Take a look on the centers of excellences.Learn more
Competence centres are knowledge-based organisations focused on long-term cooperation between universities and businesses, which are created with the help of the public sector. These centres deal with the development of new technologies and the top specialists working in the centre seek new and innovative solutions in the areas important to the partner companies. Take a look on the competence centers.Learn more

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