Nov 12 2021
12:00 pm
Paide Opinion Festival
Estonia’s unique position in raw materials supply chain touted at GreenEST Summit
In spite of its diminutive geographic size and relatively small population, Estonia is actually poised to play a distinct role in the European rare earth element supply chain in the future as the region continues to transition to green technologies.
Dec 14 2021
Estonian scientists use smart tech to fix global problems
Some of the best Estonian scientists are bringing the newest technology to classrooms, farms, hospitals and city streets.
TalTech professor introduces artificial kidney therapy monitoring platform
Chronic kidney disease is a global problem and is anticipated to become the fifth leading cause of death worldwide over the next two decades. And while artificial kidney therapy, also called hemodialysis, is used to treat end stage kidney disease, monitoring its efficiency remains cumbersome, according to Ivo Fridolin, a professor at Tallinn University of Technology and head of its Centre for Biomedical Engineering. 
Estonians are starting to have more kids. Because they can
Many first world countries are becoming childless while Estonians are finding ways to halt their long fertility decline.
Science|Business: How science won the World Rally Championship
Expedition on the border of two worlds
Muscle tone-measuring device invented by Estonians flown into space
Why are linguists at the University of Tartu gluing clamps on tongues?
Study Trip to the Fields of Estonian Research
ESN Tartu Science Visit – Institute of Computer Science

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