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Estonian Research Council carries out international marketing activities under the initiative called Research in Estonia.

Its main aim is to introduce Estonian research on an international level and for international audience. The main target groups are researchers coming from abroad, international journalists, R&D administrators and delegates.

The goals of Research in Estonia marketing activities are:

  • to support the image of Estonia as an attractive science based country,
  • to ensure that the information about Estonian research is up-to-date and accessible for foreigners and
  • through communicating success stories to support the awareness of the Estonian R&D results and cooperation between researchers, companies in smart specialization fields.

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Soola 8, 4th floor
Tartu 51013

Liis Livin

Marketing Manager
Department of Science
Tel: +372 731 7368

Reimo Rehkli

Marketing Officer
Department of Science
Tel: +372 730 0328