Your guide to research landscape in Estonia

We promote Estonia as an attractive research destination and cooperation partner, offering information and news.


Small in size, great for research.

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High scientific level

We punch way above our weight when it comes to scientific citations, as well as received funding from European Union research and innovation programmes.

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Grow your career

In Estonia, things move quickly. Make new connections and meet the decision-makers in no time. With less workplace hierarchy and competition, this is the place to fulfil your potential.

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Less red tape

In a country where 99% of state services are online, we are not fond of paperwork. You will be surprised by the ease of grant application submissions and general low level of bureaucracy.

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Society for science

Estonians believe in the positive effects of science and show strong respect for academic institutions. Scientists are highly trusted in our society.

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Clean & safe

The country quietly captivates you with clean air, low population density and abundant nature. Thanks to the very low crime rate, a sauna is the only place you’ll ever sweat in.

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Short commute distances leave more time for friends and family. Children get to benefit from the top-ranked education system in Europe.

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Easy communication

Estonian is one of the world’s smallest official national languages. While we are really proud of the fact, English is widely spoken and used on all official websites.

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