European Science Journalists learned about Estonian ICT

Photo credit: Sven Zacek
Photo credit: Sven Zacek

12 Science Journalists from 9 European countries (Russia, Latvia, Spain, Finland, Greece, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland) visited Estonia from May 15 to 17 to learn about Estonian information and communication technology (“ICT”). The study trip was organized by the Estonian Research Council, Estonian Association of Science Journalists and the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations („EUSJA“).

During the two-and-a-half days of the trip, journalists met information and communication technology (“ICT”) researchers at the University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University. ICT applications and research projects in various topics such as big data analysis, cyber security, speech recognition and synthesis, social semantic technologies, genomics, human geography, internet voting and data analysis were presented. Also, journalists visited several successful ICT businesses, namely Skype, TransferWise, AS Cybernetica and Guardtime. ICT Demo Center introduced Estonian e-governement solutions, See the exact programm here and a list with some of the articles published based on the study trip as follows:

The study trip was financed by the European Regional Development Fund and European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations.

This event was supported by Estonian Research Council through European Union Regional Development Fund.

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