Science Visit – Estonian Genome Center

Photo credit: Renee Altrov
Photo credit: Renee Altrov

On 16/9/2014 the foreign students visited The Estonian Genome Center of the University and Tartu to learn about research done on the field of biostatistics, bioinformatics and functional genomics and population-based biobank’s role in research, medicine and society.

The international students met with some of the researchers working at the research unit and the biobank. The Center’s communication manager Annely Allik introduced the mission of the Genome Center and both PhD student and project leader Liis Leitsalu and researcher Tiit Nikopensiustalked about the research conducted in the Genome Center.

The students got to visit the Genome Center’s Biopank that deals with processing, storage and release of biosamples. Biorepository managerSteven Smit presented the top-notch equipment of the bank and showed hands-on how biosamples are kept safe in the bank. Additionally, the students explored Genome Center’s Core Facility that is dedicated to providing genotyping and sequencing services to researchers, clinicians and other. Senior laboratory technician Viljo Soo explained and showed how DNA is prepped for analyses in the lab.

This event was supported by Estonian Research Council through European Union Regional Development Fund.

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