For the first time, Estonia is holding its own session in the Science to Business programme of an international science forum


The international EuroScience Open Forum will take place in Toulouse, France, from 9th to 14th July. Part of the international programme of Estonia 100, Estonia has the opportunity to host a session in the joint programme for researchers and entrepreneurs for the first time. Estonia’s session focuses on the possibilities to involve personalised medicine and genetic testing in order to promote the quality of health and life.

Experts from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Biobank and from the companies Illumina AS, Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Biogen AS are participating in the session and will be discussing how the involvement of gene analysis in every day medical practices will help contribute to the treatment of patients more accurately and safely in the future. They will also evaluate how the public and private sectors work together to create innovative products and services in health care.

The Minister of Health and Labour, Riina Sikkut, believes that we will be able to use genetic data in every-day medicine in the near future in order to assess people’s health risks and to prevent diseases. “In Estonia, we have been consistently investing in personalised medicine, our geneticists are world class and, in the near future, it will be possible to associate a person’s health data with their genetic data on the health information system. This will help the doctor and the patient to choose the necessary therapy and medicine based on each person’s needs,” stated Sikkut. “Personalised medicine also provides new possibilities for preventing diseases and for extending the period of life when people are healthy and fit for work.”

The “Getting Personal with Personalised Medicine” session is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The session is organised by the Estonian Research Council’s Research in Estonia initiative through funding by the European Regional Development Fund.

The session will be held on 13th of July 8:45-10:00 at Mercure Hotel (Boulevard Lascrosses, 8 Espl. Compans Caffarelli, 31000 Toulouse), room: Amphi Gavarnie

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Eneli Mikko, Adviser to the Minister of Health and Labour. Telephone: +372 5196 1097

Annely Allik, Estonian Genome Center. Telephone: +372 502 9970

Liis Livin, Estonian Research Council. Telephone: +372 5552 7605

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