Science Gig: what is an enactive co-presence between the viewer and screen character?

Photo credit: Renee Altrov
Photo credit: Renee Altrov

Katrin Sigijane will show you around at the BFM and tell about virtual reality projects at the MEDIT and Creative Lab. Pia Tikka will talk about the work with virtual 3D screen characters and how they aim at building a feel of emotional connection between the character and the human viewer.

WHEN: 25.02.2019 at 16.00
WHERE: BFM Nova building info desk (Narva Road 27, Tallinn)
HOW MUCH: Free 🙂
WHO:  International Students

The Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture, or MEDIT, was established at Tallinn University, Estonia in 2015.
MEDIT’s goal is to study cultural change and innovation processes that accompany digital media. MEDIT also aims to apply theoretical knowledge to experimenting with new and innovative forms of digital media.
The work is largely interdisciplinary, based on the understanding that interpreting and participating in contemporary cultural change requires cultural, economic and technological dynamics to be viewed as a single system.

This event is supported by Estonian Research Council through European Union Regional Development Fund.

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