ESN Tartu Science Gig: Virtual Reality

Photo credit: Kristi Sits
Photo credit: Kristi Sits

Virtual reality (VR) has drawn a lot of attention. But why?

VR has been claimed for several years now as technologies likely to have a profoundly transformative effect on the way we live and work. It is becoming cheaper and more widespread. Moreover, there is an expectation that VR applications will become increasingly sophisticated, as devices get more powerful and capable of creating higher quality visuals.

So, why don’t we get closer to the understanding of VR technology?
Research in Estonia with support of Institute of Computer Science is giving you the incredible chance to see how VR is done in Estonia!

WHEN: 26.02.2019 at 16.00
WHERE: Ülikooli 17, Institute of Computer Science
HOW MUCH: Free 🙂
WHO:  International Students

The Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality lab at University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science focuses on two areas:
1) Teaching students the basics of computer generated imagery that has applications ranging from graphical user interfaces, computer aided design, data visualization, simulations, art and computer games.
2) Applying what we know from CG to study the human mind, creating new situations for the user that give us insight about how the mind works.

We are going to have:
• Talk about the VR technology – explanation of the latest research and presentation of the most interesting results.
• Opportunity to discover how the VR technology works in the lab (HTC Vive).

This event is supported by Estonian Research Council through European Union Regional Development Fund.

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