ESOF – Europe’s grandest interdisciplinary science festival! 🌍


🌟 We’re thrilled to announce our participation in this year’s ESOF, Europe’s grandest interdisciplinary science festival! 🌍 Come and join us for a journey of discovery! πŸš€

πŸ”¬ Highlighting Estonian brilliance:

Ebe Pilt from University of Tartu will be enlightening us on achieving impactful science engagement. Discover the insights from the Nordic-Baltic region that are setting new benchmarks!

Marko Piirsoo from ETAG – Estonian Research Council takes the stage to unravel the complexities of science’s role in shaping policy. Dive into a dialogue on collaboration and societal impacts that matter.

Janika Leoste of Tallinn University and TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology explores the nexus of academic talent and educational technology, showcasing how today’s research shapes tomorrow’s learning environments.

πŸ”— Dive deeper into these captivating topics and more at ESOF 2024. Join us to push the boundaries of innovation and collaboration! 🌐

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