chemistry and molecular biology

Photo is illustrative. Photo credit: Unsplash / Becca Tapert
More factors affect women’s fertility than is believed
This little machine in a glass box can clean the air of bad gasses. Built by project manager Jürgen-Martin Assafrei (left), and the CEO and founder of RedoxNRG, Nadezda Kongi. Photo credit: Marian Männi
Scientists pull CO2 from the air to make fuel
Professor Hannes Kollist. Photo credit: Renee Altrov
Breeding of drought-tolerant plants reduces food shortages
Photo credit: Meelis Härmas, Laura Kalder
Doctoral dissertation lays a firmer foundation for future studies of carbon materials
Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Dissertation helps to find fake drugs and food allergens
Photo credit: Toolbox Estonia, Renee Altrov
A genetic study revealed the causes behind the side effects of infertility treatment
Photo credit: Canva
Innovative Coatings Clean the Air of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria
Photo credit: Shutterstock, sdecoret
University of Tartu Research Project Sheds Light on Gut Microbiome Diversity
Photo credit: Unsplash, Karim Manjra
TalTech chemists investigate recycling of cement bypass dust and CO2
Scientists’ discovery is paving the way for novel ultrafast quantum computers
Photo credit: Unsplash, Nastya Dulhiier
Smart designer cells are beneficial in drug development as well as in environmental monitoring
From left to right: Ragn Sells circular solutions Project Manager Alar Saluste, Research Fellow in Geology Martin Liira, Junior Research Fellow of Geology Kristjan Leben, Researcher Riho Mõtlep and Drilling Department Manager at Steiger Meelis Peetris. Source: OSA Service AS
Oil shale ash – a novel source of calcium carbonate
Filtration ponds. Photo credit: UnspIash, Ivan Bandura
Estonian researchers: wastewater reveals the actual spread of the coronavirus
Researchers at TalTech Laboratory of Environmental Technology
TalTech environmental scientists’ new ozonation method treats water from antibiotic residues
Photo credit: Unsplash, CDC
Researchers from Umeå and Tartu develop smart solutions to fight infections
Professor Rando Tuvikene. Photo Credit: Tallinn University
Researchers look to saccharides for a breakthrough in the battle against coronavirus
Fruit fly. Photo credit: Alexlky, Shutterstock
Novel Drosophila-based disease model to study human intellectual disability syndrome
Instead of using it as heating material, wood waste could be used to create new values. Photo credit: Markus Spiske
Synthetic biology opens up a new development path for the wood industry
Lemons. Photo credit: Arianka Ibarra
University of Tartu scientists turned citric acid into novel bioplastic
Credit: PIRO4D
Researchers identified potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 infection
DNA analysis of food helps identify its actual components. Photo: Private collection of Kairi Raime
Novel DNA analysis will help to identify food origin and counterfeit food in the future
eating (unsplash)
What should I eat to make my gut bacteria happy?
EMBL Heidelberg Campus shot by a drone. Copyright EMBL. License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Estonia becomes a prospect member of EMBL
University of Tartu’s plasma device. 
Photo by Indrek Jõgi
Plasma physicists are developing a technology that will help clean air

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