chemistry and molecular biology

For Lili Milani, in an ideal world, each person would have their own genetic report for personalized therapy. This image was created with the assistance of DALL·E.
A defective gene can take away a person’s ability to metabolise hundreds of medications!
Yevgen Karpichev from Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering research group. Photo: TalTech
Transforming Waste into Gold! TalTech’s Chemists Leading the Charge in Green Chemistry.
Plant origin ingredients are effective antioxidants enhancing the quality of meat products. Photo: gate74 from Pixabay.
Boosting Meat Quality with Plant-Based Ingredients!
honey dna
Unique honey DNA test created by Estonian scientists and beekeepers!
Shaking-up earth-abundant metals for a sustainable future – Birch reduction 2.0
Team members - researchers Illia Kapitanov and Yevgen Karpichev. Photo by: TalTech
Scientists from Tallinn University of Technology: Research that made a significant advancement in the fight against nerve agents!
"The key issue in reducing the environmental impact of the global economy is how to move from carbon mining to carbon recycling," says Valgepea. Credit: Andres Tennus
European research grant facilitates production of valuable fuels and chemicals using microbial cell factories
This year, seven researchers from Estonian universities made it to the top of the science world. Photo credit: Patrik Tamm
Here’s advice from the top talent in the science world
Hedvig Tamman, associate professor of genetics at the University of Tartu. Photo: Private collection
University of Tartu researcher receives prestigious grant to study the arms race between bacteria and viruses
PFAS and many other micropollutants from factories and our homes often end up transferred to the local wastewater treatment plants, which are not currently equipped with sufficient technologies to keep these pollutants from ending in nature. Photo credit: Ivan Pandura/Unsplash
The environmental chemists at the University of Tartu take the micropollutants out of wastewater
Instrumental analysis laboratory focuses on the chemical properties of a wide range of plants.
Photo: Pille-Riin Laanet
Estonian researchers fight Lyme disease with local herbs
Jürgen Tuvikene
Bioinformatics offers an opportunity to defeat cancer and brain diseases
Jekaterina Sydorenko and her lab team invented glass that can be more than just beautiful. Photo credit: Taltech
This rainbow glass kills pollutants in the air
The Moscheles Lock, authenticated by the study, with inscription by former owner Ignaz Moscheles. 
Image credit: Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San Jose State University. (Under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license).
Beethoven’s genome offers clues to composer´s health and family history
Photo is illustrative. Photo credit: Unsplash / Becca Tapert
More factors affect women’s fertility than is believed
This little machine in a glass box can clean the air of bad gasses. Built by project manager Jürgen-Martin Assafrei (left), and the CEO and founder of RedoxNRG, Nadezda Kongi. Photo credit: Marian Männi
Scientists pull CO2 from the air to make fuel
Professor Hannes Kollist. Photo credit: Renee Altrov
Breeding of drought-tolerant plants reduces food shortages
Photo credit: Meelis Härmas, Laura Kalder
Doctoral dissertation lays a firmer foundation for future studies of carbon materials
Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Dissertation helps to find fake drugs and food allergens
Photo credit: Toolbox Estonia, Renee Altrov
A genetic study revealed the causes behind the side effects of infertility treatment
Photo credit: Canva
Innovative Coatings Clean the Air of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria
Photo credit: Shutterstock, sdecoret
University of Tartu Research Project Sheds Light on Gut Microbiome Diversity
Photo credit: Unsplash, Karim Manjra
TalTech chemists investigate recycling of cement bypass dust and CO2
Scientists’ discovery is paving the way for novel ultrafast quantum computers

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