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TalTech's Tauno Otto (center) with the university's Smart Industry Centre's research group. Photo credit: TalTech.
TalTech to Take Part in CERN-Led Accelerator Innovation Project
Photo credit: Canva
40 top scientists call on the WHO to mandate new standards in order to combat airborne spread of viruses indoors
Photo credit: Canva
Estonian Team Set to Develop Microscale Fuel Cells to Power Small Devices
Photo credit: Canva
Vibrios and climate change: Can nature-based methods mitigate the potential threat in the Baltic Sea?
Cowslip observation. Photo credit: Tsipe Aavik
European Cowslip Observations are in Full Swing
Photo credit: Tallinn University
Sustaining Technology Enhanced Learning Innovations in Teachers’ Classroom Practices
The President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid at the Tartu University laboratory where sodium ion batteries and supercapacitors are built. Photo credit: Mattias Tammet / Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia
Estonians are Turning Soil into Batteries
Professor of Clinical Genetics of the University of Tartu Katrin Õunap. Photo credit: University of Tartu
Examination of an Estonian patient helped discover a new form of muscular dystrophy
The Sangal peat extraction area in Estonia. Photo credit: Kuno Kasak
University of Tartu Project Aims at Restoring Wetlands to Mitigate Climate Change
Photo credit: Unsplash, erbadea Berlin
Cannabis tends to affect the mental health of ever younger people
Excavation site Grotta La Sassa. Photo credit: Angelica Ferracci
Bronze Age migrations changed societal organization, genomic landscape in Italy
Photo credit: Unsplash, Dominik Scythe
Apocalypse-free robots
Photo credit: Unsplash, gotaflow
A Nematode Transmitted from Dogs by Mosquitoes to Humans is Gaining a Foothold in the Baltic States
GOF 2.0 aims to safely integrate manned and unmanned aircraft in urban airspace. Photo credit: EANS
New EANS-Led Project to Set Rules for Conventional Aircraft, Drones to Share Airspace
Credit: WellcomeImages/(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Gas Plasma May Help Cure Cancer in the Future
Astronaut in space
Microbial Treatment applied to Soviet Astronauts May Also Be Useful Today
Photo credit: Unsplash, Jonathan Borba
Silence Is Not Golden: Interactive Talk Promotes Children’s Speech Development
Employees of the University of Tartu Autonomous Driving Lab and Bolt representatives at the presentation of the lab’s test car running the Tallinn demo track. Photo credit: Mathis Bogens/Bolt
UT and Bolt expand collaboration to develop IT solutions for self-driving vehicles
Imagine if you could choose to feel soft as a cloud one moment and hard as a rock the next. This research project proved it's possible. Photo credit: Iris Kivisalu and the authors of the project
This Smart Dress Will Play With Your Mind
Photo credit: Unsplash, Brian Yurasits
In the Future, Marine Pollution Could Be Monitored by Drones Looking Like Seaweed
Seminar about Estonian research for Estonian diplomats
Professor of Cryptography Dominique Unruh (on the left) and Dan Bogdanov, Head of the Information Security Research Institute at Cybernetica. Photos: Anni Suvi and Jake Farra
University of Tartu and Cybernetica cooperate to study quantum-safe cryptography
Photo credit: Canva
Innovative Coatings Clean the Air of Harmful Viruses and Bacteria
CoTrack uses a facial recognition programme to detect students’ emotions and collects data on the written and oral contributions to group work. Photo credit: Unsplash, Alexis Brown
New Smart Assistant Notices Idlers and Enhances Group Work Among Students

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