Centers of excellence

A centre of excellence in research is a consortium of several research groups internationally recognised in their field of research. The goal of centres of excellence is to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research through cooperation between research groups.

The Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies research is connected with focal phenomena of: a) the Estonian society and culture, b) the Estonian diasporas and ethnic groups, c) global cultural trends and local variations of global cultural phenomena and d) contemporary culture, incl transmedia texts and behaviour.Learn more
The central question for CoE is: how are the two sectors, the visible Universe and the dark Universe, connected besides by gravity? The aim is to build new merging models involving Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Inflation and gravity. This research involves participation in different international collaborations: LHC CMS at CERN, Planck mission of ESA, EGI and WLCG.Learn more
Centre of Excellence „Ecology of Global Change: Natural and Managed Ecosystems“ (EcolChange) represents a synergistic network of expertise to elaborate global and local scenarios for terrestrial ecosystems in the context of global change, from molecular to biome-level responses.Learn more
Centre of Excellence “Emerging orders in quantum and nanomaterials” (EQUITANT) explores new materials of various ferroic orders and their potential applications. Examples include ferromagnets, ferro-electrics and ferro-elastics, which occur due to onset of spontaneous magnetization, polarization or strain.Learn more
Centre of Excellence “Zero Energy and Resource Efficient Buildings and Districts” (ZEBE) aims to conduct research needed for the development of smart buildings, being based on active and passive solutions, more efficient material use and use of more efficient energy solutions, which allow to seek for complete solutions in this area. Expected results can be utilized and applied in construction and energy sectors especially when moving to build nearly zero energy buildings as well as in deep integrated renovation of existing buildings, both being the areas Estonia has already been able to take decisive steps in order to be among key players in EU.Learn more
The Centre of Excellence for Genomics and Translational Medicine stems from the need to translate discoveries in the field of genomics into improved understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease, as well as improved prevention, diagnosis and clinical care. The Centre will explore genetic and biolological mechanisms of disease by 1) investigating DNA sequence variants that contribute to disease through large scale genomic screens, and 2) using molecular and cellular bology techniques complemented by the use of animal models to study their role in disease.Learn more
Centre of Excellence in Molecular Cell Engineering aims to target the crucial questions of cellular function and to bridge the gap in transforming fundamental research into practical applications we will form functionally integrated and synergistic research centre that gathers Estonian core competence in animal, plant, yeast and bacterial cell engineering with an expertise in molecular design and chemical processing.Learn more
The combined expertise of partners in experimental and theoretical studies enables the “full sequence” of power sources development: design and synthesis of components, their characterisation, preparing and testing of the laboratory and small-scale prototypes. General goals are development of innovative basic and applied knowledge on materials and devices for modern society and preparation of highly qualified young scientists in the field of modern technologies.Learn more
Centre of Excellence in Information Technology (EXCITE) brings together the top-ranked ICT research groups in Estonia to work jointly on a focussed, yet broad and extendable, research programme. It will capitalize on the existing expertise to create synergies on the rich but fragmented landscape of the Estonian ICT research.Learn more

They receive funding from the Research Centres of Excellence (CoE) measure. The Centres of Excellence support Estonian top-level research to strengthen the position of Estonian research cooperation and competitiveness in Europe. Currently there are 9 Centres of Excellence.

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