natural sciences

Motherhood Construction Based on Personal Experiences and Sociocultural Background

If the relationship of mother and child after birth has already attracted researchers for a long time, now knowledge in different fields (e.g. neurobiology) increasingly stress on the [...]

Information about the retreat of the last Scandinavian Ice Sheet is hidden in erratic boulders

Scientists taking samples from an erratic. To prognose the weather and the ocean’s water level of the future, we have to study the processes that have occurred in the [...]

Study confirms links between adverse drug effects and genetics

Research by the geneticists and computer scientists in the University of Tartu added confidence to claims of relationships between adverse drug effects and individual genetic markers. The researchers combined [...]

Wonder material graphene connects to a 5G network, coffee machines and self-driving cars

The extremely fast 5G data network will get its first christening in large cities. Author/source: Graphene Flagship The extremely fast 5G network is vital to the automated industry as [...]

The paleoecologists of Tallinn University of Technology evaluate global climate models

Source: The postglacial geology research group led by a paleoecologist, Professor of the Department of Geology of Tallinn University of Technology Siim Veski  are about to complete the [...]

Doctoral thesis shows how the living environment can alter ethnic affiliation

Percentage of Russian-speakers in Estonian rural and urban neighbourhoods When talking about segregation in Estonia, it is usually about Estonians and Russians growing apart. What human geographers mostly [...]

Novel calculation method by scientists from Tartu identifies the “bad” genes of superbacteria

The calculation method by Tartu’s scientists interests molecular biologists and geneticists who want a more detailed understanding of the reasons behind the development of resistance. Author/source: Fllicr/Nathan [...]

Computer simulation answers Darwin’s questions about the spread of island biota

Volcanic islands offer a great opportunity for studying how the initially completely lifeless islands are populated by plant and animal species. The photo shows the lava fields in [...]

Estonian ecotextile offers a substitute to toxic imitation leather

The Estonian company Gelatex Technologies produces an ecotextile from gelatine that is similar to leather, but a nature-friendly substitute to animal skin and imitation leather. The Founder and Chief [...]

Does language relation equal actual relation? Genes provide the answer

Native speakers of the Uralic languages are geographically located in very different areas. Geneticists at the University of Tartu studied the similarities between the Estonians living on the western [...]