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A new approach has the potential to double the efficiency of energy storage devices.
bird on a log
Bird Stress Can Be Measured in Saliva
Estonian expatriate scientist challenged the notion of male mammals being larger than females
Estonian expatriate scientist challenged the notion of male mammals being larger than females
Research team at SLAC Laboratory: Mianzhen Mo, experiment (SLAC, USA); Alfredo A. Correa, modeling (LLNL, USA); and Artur Tamm, modeling (UT, Estonia).
New Methodology Simplifies Search for Materials Resistant to Extreme Conditions
Paweł Sobocinski: With a Different Kind of Mathematics, We Can Create Better Software
Carlos Pérez Carmona Author: Andres Tennus/University of Tartu
ERC project will integrate above- and below-ground plant traits for improved ecological forecasting
Digital Twins in biodiversity offer large yet untapped potential for both scientists and policymakers. Credit: Piret Ehrenpreis.
University of Tartu: AI technologies at the centre of innovation in biodiversity data management
"The key issue in reducing the environmental impact of the global economy is how to move from carbon mining to carbon recycling," says Valgepea. Credit: Andres Tennus
European research grant facilitates production of valuable fuels and chemicals using microbial cell factories
The survival of populations is increasingly influenced by their capacity to withstand extremely high temperatures and droughts as well as their ability to adapt to new species entering their territories. Credit: Karl Ander Adami
Safeguarding Europe’s Natural Symphony: the Importance of Biodiversity Monitoring
Researchers at Tallinn University of Technology are working towards making the chemical industry safer and more sustainable. Photo credit: TalTech - Hernandez Sorokina
Researchers of the School of Science of TalTech revived a method abandoned a century ago. Why?
People swallow up to 100,000 microplastic particles per day, same as if we ate one credit card a year. Photo source: Unsplash/Claire Abdo
Marine biologist: a person consumes a credit card’s worth of microplastics per year
Vääna-Jõesuu flounder.Vääna-Jõesuu flounder. Source: Tiit Hunt/CC BY-SA 3.0
Baltic Sea pollution puts fish cancer defenses to the test
In Malaysia, located near Betong, a 500 km2 in size oil palm plantation illustrates the problem scope.
How can we revive disappearing wetlands?
TFTAK scientists are working to make food products more sustainable, healthier and ethical. Photo credit: TFTAK
How Estonian researchers combat climate change through plant-based proteins
Genetic studies on the cowslip suggests that this common plant may go extinct in the future. Photo credit: Erik Karits/Pixabay
Scientists to solve major cowslip blossom mystery with new citizen campaign
What genes can tell us about fertility, Liisa Loog studies during her Marie-Curie Postdoctoral fellowship. Photo credit: Pixabay
DNA study looks at how height and fertility are connected
Used electronic devices hide many valuable metals Europe desperately needs. Photo credit: Pixabay
Europe needs metals. Bacteria can get it from waste.
The glacial meltwater channels run both under and on top of the ice masses. The meltwater can create picturesque views of canyon formations with many bends. Photo credit: Dr Andreas Alexander
How to map hidden meltwater paths in glaciers and why is it important?
Chocolate cream from sunflower seeds. Photo credit: Kristel Vene
Estonian researchers discovered expected hit “new Nutella” while developing a drink from sunflower seeds
Photo: University of Tartu
Consortium led by the University of Tartu received €30 million to upgrade the Estonian Centre for Biosustainability to a hub of digital biology 
Car and train traffic are European researchers are mapping noise in bigger cities to fight it. Photo credit: Pixabay
Europe is getting noisy – and it’s damaging our bodies
University of Tartu's observatory. Photo credit: Renee Altrov
University of Tartu-led consortium embarks on European Galactic Astronomy project
The researchers sampling Northern pike at Mullutu-Suurlaht on Saaremaa. Photo credit: Alfonso Diaz Suarez
Estonian study sheds light on Northern pike genetics
Photo credit: Pixabay
Estonian geologists are searching for traces of complex life in Earth’s crust

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