Cognuse – an innovative company offering second-to-none mental rehabilitation solutions through online games


Currently, the company’s clinical research efforts are mostly directed towards small-group studies on executive dysfunction related conditions (e.g. stroke, frontal TBI, focal epilepsy, Sclerosis Multiplex forms, MCI) where cognitive training activities can benefit the neuropsychological rehabilitation goals.

Cognuse’s main rehabilitation solutions for the patients are their special online gaming environments where players are given different training exercises that all focus on various executive functions. One of the four games is focused on simultaneously managing waters levels in four different pots, so that the player has to make decisions concerning sequencing, prioritization and attention dividing all throughout the game. The second online game deals with executive skills like categorizing, mental flexibility, working memory, decision-making and inhibition. The background created for their third game is a kitchen where the player has to prepare a dish whilst following a given recipe: the user has to perform the steps in the recipe (sequencing), keeping in mind the tasks (working-memory), and pick the correct ingredients, kitchenware and processes given in the recipe. Cognuse’s fourth online game is about route planning, and the executive skills involved in this one include sequencing, mental flexibility and decision-making.

Cognuse’s clients include professional health care service providers who specialize in brain health treatments, diagnostics, and rehabilitation services. Cognuse also welcomes researchers, scientists, and clinical professionals interested in carrying out clinical research using their cognitive training exercises and database.

Cognuse is a resident company at the Janssen Labs in San Diego, CA. It ranked among the finalists of the 2013 EU SME EHEALTH competition, and was one of 9 companies selected to participate in the DreamIt Health Baltimore 2014 accelerator program.


Copywriter: Marion Jõepera

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