impress-u scientists working together
What is the IMPRESS-U measure? Scientists Join International Effort to Support Ukraine – already 4 projects funded.
Rector of the University of Tartu Toomas Asser. Credit: Andres Tennus
Toomas Asser: Estonia’s best competitive advantage is real intelligence
Estonian Representation in Brussels, in collaboration with the Estonian Research Council and European' 1+ Million Genomes' Initiative. The gathering aimed to foster connections and share vital information about the upcoming ambitious endeavour. Photo credit: Simon Blackley
Science Communication in Practice: An Evening of Networking in Brussels 
As we age, lifestyle choices affect our health, but the story is a little different when it comes to young children. Photo credit: Freepik
The number of child cancer patients is on the rise
Photo credit: Unsplash, Markus Spiske
Researchers created a unique and vital search engine for geneticists
Does flexible work make R&D employees happier?
An article by a researcher from the Estonian University of Life Sciences was published as the cover story for Science magazine
Energy consumption of wooden rural houses can be reduced four times by smart renovation
Whole Families fettered by the Soviet Regime
Novel Method helps to Evaluate Ionising Radiation
The performance of ventilation must be improved in unrenovated apartment buildings
Tallinn University of Technology is close to a breakthrough in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
Natural Sciences and Geoinformatics Together Give a Clue about the Past
Bioaffinity Chromatography Impels Drug Development
Stormwater quality has improved significantly in the area of Tallinn
Literary City in Estonian Prose reflects the Urbanization Process
Simple Framework helps to evaluate Researchers’ Performance
TTÜ doctoral thesis investigated the creation of shared service centres for public sector accounting
Consumer Culture gives an Alternative Insight into National Identity
Song Selection reflects Cultural Background
TTÜ chemists have invented novel aerogels
The Wood industry is More Innovative than Forestry
How were ‘golden fabrics’ made in the Middle Ages and who wore them?
Source: pixabay.com
Artificial sweeteners: a growing environmental hazard

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