Developers Unveil Software That Can ‘Teach Estonian in 200 Hours’ 


The prototype for the learning program was financed by 9,900 euros from the Prototron startup fund, reported ETV.

According to one of the developers, physicist Mait Müntel, the money will be used to create a prototype that can be tested on a large number of people.

Müntel said he believed computer-based learning was the most logical method for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

“A computer can keep a close record of your actual knowledge. It can measure all of your attributes. It can save all 100,000 answers you have given over the learning process and, based on this information, it can analyze what’s the optimal thing you could learn at any given moment,” he said.

Language Accelerator’s other developer, Rait Arro, said the program is being developed in such a way that it can be used on smartphones, even incorporating short periods of free time into the learning process.

“If a smartphone contacts our cloud service, it will be constantly connected, creating a sort of umbilical cord which can be used to see your learning progress, how your memory is improving and how you remember and recall the learned words,” Arro said.

The first two languages to be taught with initial versions of the program will be English and Estonian

(Original article publised on ERR News, Estonian Public Broadcasting’s English-language news service)

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