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TTÜ professor was awarded prestigious DuPont Nutrition and Health Science Excellence Medal

Professor Raivo Vilu (in the middle) with journalists. Source: Research in Estonia
Professor Raivo Vilu (in the middle) with journalists. Source: Research in Estonia

Raivo Vilu – Professor of Biotechnology at the Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ), Director of Research and Development at the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (CFFT), earned a high recognition for his research in systems biology of bacteria, which has resulted in development of optimized biotechnological processes and creation of novel strains of bacteria applicable in dairy industry.

Professor Raivo Vilu is the first Estonian to have earned this recognition.

DuPont is one of the world largest companies operating in the field of food and biotechnology. DuPont Nutrition and Health Science Excellence Medal has been awarded since 2002. Its purpose is to recognise outstanding research and development works in the field of dietary and health studies.

‘Professor Vilu was recognized for his research in combining high level experience on microbial physiology, fermentation, advanced analytics and omics technologies as well as developing sophisticated software to control and on-line monitor fermentation processes and high level modelling of the cells’, said Mathias Heinzel, Chairman of the Management Board of the non-profit Danisco Foundation, presenter of the DuPont award.

‘Behind this recognition is a continuous work together with my colleagues at TUT and CFFT in which high level research is closely linked to commercial interests’, explained Raivo Vilu. Cooperation with DuPont and the CFFT began seven years ago and has grown from year to year, in content as well as in the volume of projects.

Beside DuPont, CCFT clients include Lallemand, Santa Maria, Valio, Saaremaa Piimatööstus, Sagro, Muhu Leib, Siidrikoda, Linda Nektar, Värska Vesi, and others – altogether more than 60 companies.

The translation of this article from Estonian Public Broadcasting science news portal Novaator was funded by the European Regional Development Fund through Estonian Research Council.

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