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Photo credit: Unsplash, Vadim Babenko
New method allows future buildings to remain open during pandemic
Photo credit: Peter Fogden/Unsplash
Drone solution will help the victims of terrorist attacks
Photo credit: Emirates News Agency
UAE and Estonia expand space collaboration at Expo 2020 Dubai
The little dot in the center is the Estonian satellite Hämarik. Photo credit: Dzmitry Kananovich/TalTech
A TalTech researcher took the first photos of the satellite Hämarik
Photo credit: Pixabay
A gene was found that prevents excessive weight gain and diabetes during high-fat diet
Photo credit: Unsplash, Annie Spratt
Dissertation reveals establishing new teaching method can take an academic year or longer
Photo credit: Pixabay
3D printing of electrical machines is a cutting-edge research in TalTech
Photo credit: Jelena Rudi
Estonian scientists use smart tech to fix global problems
Photo credit: Kamil Pietrzak, Unsplash
Skydivers have adventurous spirit in their genes, but it is hard to detect
Photo credit: Robinson Greig, Unsplash
Bird diversity and human well-being depend on the greenery of the city
Photo credit: Robina Weermeijer, Unsplash
TalTech professor introduces artificial kidney therapy monitoring platform
Photo credit: Emma Gossett, Unsplash
How fine-root traits fit in plant form and function
Photo credit: David Mark, Pixabay
A smart city needs smart pipelines
Photo credit: TalTech
TalTech researchers to develop a remote flood sensing service
Photo credit: Unsplash/Aaron Burden
Magic helps out in the least religious country
Photo credit: Unsplash, Diana Polekhina
Dissertation helps to find fake drugs and food allergens
Photo credit: Unsplash, Markus Spiske
Researchers created a unique and vital search engine for geneticists
Estonian scientist Anni Tamm wanted to know what's hidden behind childrens' conflicts. Photo credit: Lenka Fortelna/Pixabay
What matters to small children, a study explored
Photo credit: Toolbox Estonia, Renee Altrov
A genetic study revealed the causes behind the side effects of infertility treatment
Photo credit: Unsplash, sporlab
Estonian sports sociologist outlines obstacles seniors face in taking up physical activity
Photo credit: Unsplash, Kristyn Lapp
Metabolic diseases that endanger overweight cows
Photo credit: Unsplash, Charl Folscher
Doctoral Thesis: Long-Term Health Problems for Victims of Violence
Unsplash, Brooke Cagle
Millennials prefer personal well-being over an international career
Photo credit: Unsplash, George Bakos
Estonian Academy of Sciences to serve as host for the International Science Council next year

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