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Petar Kehayov Autor/allikas: Jassu Hertsmann
Petar Kehayov: there needs to be passion in science
Embark on your research journey in Estonia with MSCA Postdoctoral Grants!
Carlos Pérez Carmona Author: Andres Tennus/University of Tartu
ERC project will integrate above- and below-ground plant traits for improved ecological forecasting
"Innovation is at the heart of national defence because it brings success on the battlefield and gives us an advantage over our enemies." Hanno Pevkur. Photo:
NATO DIANA is investing close to one million euros in startups developing dual-use technologies in Estonia
Team members - researchers Illia Kapitanov and Yevgen Karpichev. Photo by: TalTech
Scientists from Tallinn University of Technology: Research that made a significant advancement in the fight against nerve agents!
In the future, a model that takes metabolic syndrome into account should become part of the doctor’s toolkit. Credit: Mart Vares
Estonian geneticist’s post-doctoral research revealed interplay between schizophrenia and body weight
Consortium members from Estonian and European universities, members of the European Commission and technology attachés of member states gathered in Brussels for a seminar on secure artificial intelligence. Credit: TalTech
Estonian IT researchers: We have a unique position to be a leader in secure artificial intelligence in Europe
Rector of the University of Tartu Toomas Asser. Credit: Andres Tennus
Toomas Asser: Estonia’s best competitive advantage is real intelligence
An international team of scientists led by astronomers from Tartu Observatory identified a total of 662 superclusters and explored their properties. Credit: Renee Altrov
Einasto Supercluster: the new heavyweight contender in the universe
Alma Tomingas with colleagues in the laboratory. Source: ÜAM F 231:163 F, Tartu University museum.
Estonia’s first female doctorates were educators and physicians
Parents often discuss screen time for children, but what about the elderly? Screen time could benefit them. Credit: Anete Toming
Research links internet surfing to healthy aging
Tartu – Rich in Research
Digital Twins in biodiversity offer large yet untapped potential for both scientists and policymakers. Credit: Piret Ehrenpreis.
University of Tartu: AI technologies at the centre of innovation in biodiversity data management
Semubot will be an open source project: it can be adapted, rebuilt and improved by any end user. This photo is illustrative. Credit: Renee Altrov
Tartu students build Estonia’s first humanoid robot
"The key issue in reducing the environmental impact of the global economy is how to move from carbon mining to carbon recycling," says Valgepea. Credit: Andres Tennus
European research grant facilitates production of valuable fuels and chemicals using microbial cell factories
Kuldar Taveter is helping computers understand humans better. Photo credit: private collection
Teaching robots how to feel
The survival of populations is increasingly influenced by their capacity to withstand extremely high temperatures and droughts as well as their ability to adapt to new species entering their territories. Credit: Karl Ander Adami
Safeguarding Europe’s Natural Symphony: the Importance of Biodiversity Monitoring
Uuemaa and her colleagues will use geoinformatics and machine learning to plan riparian buffer zones to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Credit: Rainer Süvirand
Geoinformatics: We are sitting on a pot of gold without even realizing it
The role of human beings does not disappear from the administration of justice and legal work, but it is amplified with the help of technologies. Credit: Jelena Rudi
Professor: Legal Professionals Must Invest in Digital Education and Technology to Stay Competitive
Seminar „Towards a Digital Twin for Biodiversity” and a Networking Reception
Opera singing is often quite physical, so it is compared to top-level sport. Credit: Pixabay
Research: Tricks that make opera sound less incomprehensible
“If you start thinking about an oil spill after it happened, then it's too late!” said Jan-Victor Björkqvist, a researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Photo credit: Baltic Work Boats
Preventing disasters! Researchers mapped how oil moves in the sea
Tartu – Rich in Research
Managerial positions can be occupied by individuals with both suitable and unsuitable values for leadership, depending on the specific country and the value under consideration. Photo credit: Rasmus Jurkatam
Ambitious and creative people are more likely to become leaders

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