The Estonian Young Academy of Sciences (EYAS)

Here we have gathered stories written by the members of the Estonian Young Academy of Sciences. Those stories give insight into how young and outstanding Estonian scientists think about their research, academic lives and beyond that.

The founding members of the Estonian Young Academy of Sciences in 2017. Photo credit: Estonian Young Academy of Sciences


Article series “Stories of Young Scientists” kicks off next week

Leho Tedersoo “Mushrooms – not only for eating”

Juhan Aru “The happy Thursday”

Andra Siibak “Finding serendipity during the COVID-19 pandemic” 

Ester Oras “Moving in, moving on”

Maarja Grossberg “Knowing something about everything – does it work?”

Helen Eenmaa “Research as Art”


Heli Lukner “Unlocking the Potential of Science of Light with Academic Leadership”

Anastasiya Astapova “Learning the Most Difficult Language in the World? A Scholarly Perspective”

Marju Raju “Living Room Science”

Karin Kogermann “From science to practice”

Els Heinsalu “The real life of a lab rat”

Katrin Tiidenberg “Tuesday”

Tuul Sepp “What is the biggest environmental problem in Estonia? The fish know it too!”

Lili Milani “Keeping your days full of surprises and excitement!”

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