A doctoral thesis explain the most suitable wastewater treatment methods for Estonian landfills
An international research carried out by TUT scientists values Estonian wood as a building material
Tissues Made of Nanomaterials—Far from Science Fiction
Predator-prey relationships between mixotrophic protists influence summertime plankton in the Baltic Sea
UT scientists defeated Harvard University in international competition
A novel digital computer chip designed by TUT’s scientists and students
Small-Molecule Probes – Future Helpmates in Diagnostics and Monitoring
Genome Center’s innovative risk score predicts diabetes more accurately than its predecessors
Artistic Translation—the Key Feature of Estonian Translation in the 20th century
Not Merely Amulets—Animal Pendants Reflect Life Values
Researchers from Mount Sinai Identify Genes Responsible for Risk of Developing Heart Attack, Stroke, and Related Cardiometabolic Diseases
An Exercise a Day keeps the Doctor Away
Prenatal testing of chromosome disorders
Predicting female fertility
Health from safe food
Using Myoton to evaluate superficial skeletal muscles
Hybrid Aspen keeps the Soil Fertile
Non-invasive medical monitoring and smart needles: electronics makes it possible
One size fits all? Not in precision medicine
A doctoral thesis brought out the impact of female sex hormones on infertility treatment and tumour development
Abundant methane seepage and its impact on climate at the end of the last glaciation
A TUT doctoral thesis investigates how to optimize power supply network investments in Estonian rural areas
TUT doctoral thesis sought ways for maximum upgrading of Estonian oil shales
A doctoral thesis defended at TUT investigated how to build cost-effective and energy-efficient façades for office buildings in the Nordic countries

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