New Invention GlobinLock® makes blood analysis and diagnostics cheaper
University of Tartu researchers help fusion scientists bring the sun to the earth
Margaret Lyngdoh researches Negative Stereotypes
Time Management affects Young Journalists’ Stress Level
Researchers made a breakthrough in understanding how CO2 regulates water use in plants
Developing IT-industry invites Talents to stay in Tartu
Diabetes study shows that the onset of child diabetes can be postponed
Curriculum Development needs Teachers who represent The Teaching Community at Large
ESTCube team makes first contract with ESA for building space cameras
The biggest obstacle in commissioning automated factories is the human factor
Ülo Niinemets analyses the Role of Plants in Climate Change
The trainer modelled in a TUT doctoral thesis can be used for rehabilitation of musculoskeletal traumas
EBS is again among the world top 300 business schools
Research group investigates acoustics and eliminates noise
Young Scientist expands Boundaries
TUT scientists are developing a helmet device for emergency diagnosis of traumatic brain injury
A doctoral thesis defended at TUT found ways to save energy in power and civil engineering sectors
Scientist Mart Min enjoys seeing Results working in Real Life
Nanomaterial can accelerate Wound Treatment
The research group of academician Andres Öpik is engaged in capturing carcinoma cells
Estonian Buildings need Sustainable Solutions
The scientists of Tallinn University of Technology assess our everyday work environment
Energy researchers of Tallinn University of Technology investigate consumption patterns in the Estonian power system
Public Sector Services Need Citizens’ Input but also Reliable and Universal Systems

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