engineering and technology

Estonian Aviation Scientists Develop Remote Tower Center to Centralize the Air Traffic Services

The objective of air traffic control is to prevent collisions between aircraft in the air, on the maneuvering area of an aerodrome, and to expedite and maintain an [...]

TalTech electronics received a highly regarded USA patent approval for their novel impedance method

The research group of Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) received a patent for the invention of superfast impedance spectroscopy measurement technology [...]

The materials engineers are developing environmentally friendly materials for producing smart textiles

Recently the research article “A method for producing conductive graphene biopolymer nanofibrous fabrics by exploitation of an ionic liquid dispersant in electrospinning” written by the researchers of Tallinn [...]

Estonians Are Developing a Better World via Technology

SMENETE2 project is a collaboration project between two partners: Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and the Estonian SME Thinnect. It is an applied research project where TalTech scientists [...]

TalTech Researchers Help to Develop Societal Resilience to Disasters in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Due to different reasons – the wilderness of the natural environment, and the socio-demographic and economical situation – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand are notably vulnerable to disasters. [...]

Estonians developed a smart barn

Smart barn at the SPARK demo area in Tartu. Author/source: Randel Kreitsberg In cooperation with scientists from the University of Tartu, the South Estonian organic farm, Koivakonnu, developed an [...]

University of Tartu and Graanul Invest cooperate to develop wood valorisation technology

University of Tartu and AS Graanul Invest signed a framework agreement last week which provides for research and development cooperation to develop wood and biomass valorisation technology in [...]

European Training Network for Zero-waste Valorisation of Bauxite Residue

In Estonia, Belgium, Finland, German, Sweden and Greece, this network of 15 young researchers is helping Europe to meet the challenge of recycling its mountain of red mud, [...]

Scientists at TTÜ are testing the airtightness of a novel timber material

Scientists at the Tallinn University of Technology are testing a novel wood technology – cross-laminated timber (CLT). Their goal is to find out how this material become more [...]

MICACT researchers work on the development of EAP materials for real-life applications

Applications range from making aircraft wings lighter to creating artificial muscles, with impacts in areas as varied as medicine, robotics and environmental monitoring. Illustrative photo from Electroactive Polymer (EAP) materials [...]