engineering and technology

High Performance Computing Center of the University of Tartu
Estonia Joined the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration Initiative
Mozilla Firefox
University of Tartu researchers are developing a translation programme with Mozilla Firefox
solar panels
Silver improves the efficiency of monograin layer solar cells
Power Plants and Oil Plants of Eesti Energia in Auvere
Co-firing wood and oil-shale reduces carbon emissions
FinEstBeAMS beamline
First research results from the Estonian-Finnish FinEstBeAMS beamline
digital twin
Digital twins takes robot control to the next level
autonomous ship NYMO
NYMO shows the future of maritime industry
Woman standing in front of Balti Jaam Market_Rasmus Jurkatam
Science|Business: Creating a Digital Crystal Ball
Milrem UGV
Science|Business: Robots flex their firefighting skills
The development of next generation energy storage and conversion technologies is crucial for tackling climate change and securing sustainable energy production in the future. Photo by: Taaniel Malleus
Batteries: could sodium save us from the scarcity of lithium?
plastic bottle (unsplash)
Science|Business: Can Plastic Go Green?
Optical image of material surface after erosion testing with speed of 30 m/s and impact angle of 30 degrees. Photo by Rahul Kumar.
The nature-inspired materials can be used in applications ranging from tunneling to space
In Pursuit of Precision and Privacy (Renee Altrov)
Science|Business: In Pursuit of Precision and Privacy
Optiverter developed at Taltech. Photo by Dimitri Vinnikov
Making solar panels effective under Nordic sunlight
Testing the fire resistance of different materials at TalTech. Picture by Katrin Nele Mäger.
One step closer to fire-proofing buildings
Microalgae at the laboratory of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Photo by Renee Altrov.
Science|Business: The New Algae Alchemists
Very few people have the luxury of working in fresh air.
The scientists of Tallinn University of Technology developed a new method for improving the efficiency of air purifiers
Clean water is essential for human survival.
The scientists of TalTech are developing a technology for water purification by electric discharges
Could using Open Data be the next big leap for E-estonia?
University of Tartu’s plasma device. 
Photo by Indrek Jõgi
Plasma physicists are developing a technology that will help clean air
Fish react quickly to large and sudden changes in the flow. Photo by Jeffrey Andrew Tuhtan
Scientists study fish to learn how to adapt to the impacts of climate change
TalTech and EuroTech formed a consortium for European University initiative
Flooding in cities increases pollution in the Baltic Sea
Organic aerogels prepared from oil shale phenolic compounds.
Photo by Mihkel Koel
Scientists developed a method that allows removal of antibiotic residue from waste water

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