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Pharping Hydropower Station. Photo credit: Sujitabh Chaudhary/Unsplash
Expert knowledge from TalTech transfers to Asia
Photo credit: sTARTUp Day / Lightcode Photonics LinkedIn
Robots have poor vision, so scientists built them better eyes
Photo credit: UP Catalyst
Estonia’s nano technology company UP Catalyst is creating a ’green’ battery and heading for Mars
Photo credit: Unsplash/Dale Nibbe
A new measuring device would ensure more humane street lighting
Skeleton, one of the European deep tech frontrunners, got started with these Estonian scientists trying to improve energy storage. Photo credit: Skeleton
How was the best supercapacitor invented?
TalTech campus in Tallinn. Photo credit: TalTech
New frontiers for electrical machine diagnostics is researched in TalTech
Photo credit: Unsplash / Sergio Camalich
Homes made of rice ash under construction in Kenya thanks to Estonian scientists
This shiny and flexible layer of crystals could be the future solar panel, but for the moon. Photo credit: Ants Vill
There could be crystal solar panels built on the Moon one day
Rait Kanarbik brought his one-of-a-kind hydrogen-powered coffee machine to the Europe's biggest science festival ESOF this summer, creating a lot of buzz. Photo credit: Marian Männi
Free energy is here: this hydrogen-powered coffee machine proves it
Photo credit: Unsplash
Estonian company uses bacteria to create green technologies for extraction of metals
Photo credit: Marian Männi
Green transition tempts Nordic countries with lithium fever
Photo credit: Tallinn University of Technology
The first doctoral thesis was defended at TalTech Virumaa College
Photo credit: e-Residency
Everyday banking ensured the success of electronic identity
All this waste could have a second chance on our planet with the help of Estonian scientists. Photo credit: Eesti Energia
Estonians use fossil fuels to recycle plastics
Photo credit: Unsplash / Fré Sonneveld
How to renew ageing electrical systems sensibly?
Photo credit: Unsplash
Digital Twin – a bridge between real and virtual worlds
Photo credit: Unsplash / Jeremy Bezanger
Power electronics research advances solar building technology
Photo credit: Pixabay
Estonian scientists to produce tons of bioplastic from wood
Simulating and testing the overtaking. Photo credit: Raivo Sell, TalTech
New algorithm makes overtaking smoother and faster for self-driving cars
Photo credit: TalTech
Enabling smart city services through street lighting networks
This piece of yellow glass can convert energy! Proudly shown by Taltech's PhD student Robert Beglaryan, who is developing semi-transparent solar cells as part of an international team. Photo credit: Atanas Katerski
Smart windows convert light into electricity
Photo credit: Unsplash
Can we trust decisions made by artificial intelligence?
The biorobotics research team. Photo: Hendrik Osula
Underwater robotics is full of opportunities
Cybernetica's Dan Bogdanov.                                                           Photo credit: Jake Farra
Cybernetica innovator headlines University of Tartu Digital Governance lecture series

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