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Photo credit: Canva
40 top scientists call on the WHO to mandate new standards in order to combat airborne spread of viruses indoors
Photo credit: Canva
Estonian Team Set to Develop Microscale Fuel Cells to Power Small Devices
Photo credit: Tallinn University
Sustaining Technology Enhanced Learning Innovations in Teachers’ Classroom Practices
Photo credit: Unsplash, Dominik Scythe
Apocalypse-free robots
Employees of the University of Tartu Autonomous Driving Lab and Bolt representatives at the presentation of the lab’s test car running the Tallinn demo track. Photo credit: Mathis Bogens/Bolt
UT and Bolt expand collaboration to develop IT solutions for self-driving vehicles
Photo credit: Unsplash, Brian Yurasits
In the Future, Marine Pollution Could Be Monitored by Drones Looking Like Seaweed
Professor of Cryptography Dominique Unruh (on the left) and Dan Bogdanov, Head of the Information Security Research Institute at Cybernetica. Photos: Anni Suvi and Jake Farra
University of Tartu and Cybernetica cooperate to study quantum-safe cryptography
PHOTO: Jaak Vilo, head of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu. CREDIT: Henry Narits
University of Tartu’s Jaak Vilo on Meeting Estonia, and the World’s, Computer Science Needs
Photo credit: Unsplash, Manny Becerra
Photovoltaic Glass Makes Windows a Source of Electricity
Professor Samuel Pagliarini. Photo credit: TalTech
Innovative Secure Integrated Circuit Technology Makes Any Sort of Reverse Engineering and Espionage Virtually Impossible
Photo credit: Unsplash, Dylan Gillis
Tallinn University of Technology and Skeleton Technologies Enter Cooperation Agreement to Turn Estonia into a Hub in Energy Storage and Development
Solaride is designing a solar-powered vehicle. CREDIT: Solaride.
Estonian Team Readies Solar Vehicle for High Stakes International Race
After successfully developing the first Estonian self-driving vehicle IseAuto, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) researchers are ready for new challenges and research self-driving vehicle Digital Twin development. Photo credit: TalTech
TalTech researchers developing a Digital Twin for Propulsion Drive of Autonomous Electric Vehicle
Photo credit: Unsplash, Alex Knight
Civitta Tapped to Lead €3M European Robotics Project
Researcher Dr. Asya Drenkova-Tuhtan monitoring the synthesis of novel nanostructured engineered adsorbents to be tested for possible toxicity effects on the aquatic environment within the EU-funded H2020 project „NanoPhosTox“ (grant ID: 867457). Photo credit: Toolbox Estonia, Renee Altrov
Why mine the phosphorus if there is plenty of it in the wastewater?
Photo credit, Unsplash, Chuttersnap
Estonian lead technology project received €7.5 million for building a cosmic tomograph
Photo credit: Unsplash, Thomas Richter
Vacuum-insulated tanks would take the renewable energy system to a new level
Photo credit: Shutterstock,  Blue Planet Studio
After Tumultuous Year, Tehnopol’s Connected Health Cluster Prepares to Support More Research Projects in 2021
Photo credit: Shutterstock, Elena11
Estonians will provide stereo cameras to Maxar Technologies for NASA’s Artemis lunar program
Maritime cybersecurity attacks on shipping and ports have increased in recent years. Photo credit: TalTech
TalTech Investigators Awarded €2.5M to Advance Research in Maritime Cybersecurity
Martin Jürise, TalTech Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Photo credit: TalTech
TalTech’s PhD thesis introduces new possibilities of electronic warfare to Estonian Defence Forces
Photo credit: Unsplash, Jack Sloop
With 5G-Routes, Estonian Scientists, Industry Partners Strive for Regional Interoperability
Researchers at TalTech Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials. Photo credit: TalTech
The new generation solar cells contribute to the green energy revolution
Photograph of the packaged chip. In the background a Printed Circuit Board utilized for bringing up the chip in the laboratory. Photo credit: Samuel  Pagliarini
New European Research Exchange to Improve Estonian Hardware Security Expertise

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