New Knowledge About Youngsters’ BMI and Bone Density Give Benefits to Help Them

Source: Obesity in childhood and adolescence is a serious health risk that results in various health problems. Major changes in body weight, height, and body composition occur during [...]

Estonian Aviation Scientists Develop Remote Tower Center to Centralize the Air Traffic Services

The objective of air traffic control is to prevent collisions between aircraft in the air, on the maneuvering area of an aerodrome, and to expedite and maintain an [...]

Telework is the optimal solution for extending worklife

René Arvola defended his PhD thesis “Telework as a solution for extending worklife” at TalTech Department of Business Administration. Teleworking has become increasingly popular among people engaged in [...]

Taking iron helps reduce risks in anaemic, pregnant women

The fear of giving birth is not a sufficient argument for doctors to allow a caesarean section. Author/source: Freepik Karina Luik, a medical student at the University of Tartu, [...]

Computer simulation answers Darwin’s questions about the spread of island biota

Volcanic islands offer a great opportunity for studying how the initially completely lifeless islands are populated by plant and animal species. The photo shows the lava fields in [...]

Estonian ecotextile offers a substitute to toxic imitation leather

The Estonian company Gelatex Technologies produces an ecotextile from gelatine that is similar to leather, but a nature-friendly substitute to animal skin and imitation leather. The Founder and Chief [...]

Does language relation equal actual relation? Genes provide the answer

Native speakers of the Uralic languages are geographically located in very different areas. Geneticists at the University of Tartu studied the similarities between the Estonians living on the western [...]

TalTech electronics received a highly regarded USA patent approval for their novel impedance method

The research group of Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) received a patent for the invention of superfast impedance spectroscopy measurement technology [...]

Knowing the risks, for better or worse

Andres Metspalu from the Institute of Genomics (University of Tartu) shares his experience in cancer research in Estonia in the article “POLITICO Global Policy Lab: Europe’s mortality gap [...]

Scholars: Estonian soil is surprisingly rich in species

Due to its biodiversity and probably huge number of taxa waiting to be discovered, soil fauna has been called the poor man’s rain forest. If a researcher cannot [...]