First Precision Medicine Laboratory in Estonia Kicks Off

The lab is developing some more high-tech tests to enter international markets. For example, one of the next projects is now being tested in fertility treatment clinics – [...]

Estonians developed a smart barn

Smart barn at the SPARK demo area in Tartu. Author/source: Randel Kreitsberg In cooperation with scientists from the University of Tartu, the South Estonian organic farm, Koivakonnu, developed an [...]

Silver nanoparticles for antibacterial use: an interplay between a noble metal and bacteria-particle interface

Source: Antibiotic resistance is a problem of modern society. The average time for each antibiotic to yield antimicrobial resistance is 10 years. Due to this, the development of new [...]

Tapeworms cause global health problems and economic damage

As many as two doctoral theses were defended in the University of Tartu recently on the Echinococcus tapeworms that represent an alarming global public health and economic problem. [...]

PhD student from Tartu University studies ritual use of psychedelic brew in Brazil

Helle Kaasik, a PhD student at the University of Tartu, School of Theology and Religious Studies, has studied the chemical composition of the ritual psychedelic ayahuasca brew in [...]

Interdisciplinary model could help to give patients existential support

According to the current professional standard in Estonia – clinical pastoral care is professional existential and religious support that is offered in compliance with the needs of a [...]

Researchers have discovered the ice age cave bear is not totally extinct

Skull of the cave bear. Cave bears were much larger than the present day brown bears. Author/Source: Andrei Posmoșanu Becoming extinct is irrevocable – most of us probably agree [...]

Ornithologists discovered useful information about rare eagle

In Estonia, there are only about 5-10 breeding territories of greater spotted eagles (Clanga clanga) and about half of them are occupied by hybridizing pairs of greater and [...]

University of Tartu and Graanul Invest cooperate to develop wood valorisation technology

University of Tartu and AS Graanul Invest signed a framework agreement last week which provides for research and development cooperation to develop wood and biomass valorisation technology in [...]

An important genetic test for pregnant women will soon be made in Estonia

NIPT is a prenatal blood test to screen for fetal aneuploidy disorders such as Down syndrome (trisomy 21), Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) and Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) that [...]