Scientists are helping to put together the genetic data of people from three continents

Author: Renee Altrov 18 research organisations are starting a joint project that will, for the first time ever, share among scientists over a million pieces of genetic data from [...]

Giftedness is valued in Estonia but its carriers are left in the shadows

Nowadays, giftedness is mostly associated with children, which may leave the needs of people in other age groups in the background. Author/source: Alice Achterhof/Unsplash According to the doctoral thesis [...]

Scientists developed a method that allows removal of antibiotic residue from waste water

Organic aerogels prepared from oil shale phenolic compounds. Photo by Mihkel Koel In February  the article “Metal-doped organic aerogels for photocatalytic degradation of trimethoprim” written by the researchers of two [...]

Stress and burnout among Estonian journalists is caused by the lack of routine

Journalists need to carry out tasks for various mediums – work that used to be carried out by four journalists 20 years ago is now being done by [...]

TalTech scientists to create new ‘chemical noses’ to rid the environment of industrial pollutants

Scientists from five European countries have joined forces to develop next-generation ‘chemical noses’ to remove industrial pollutants from the environment. The European Commission allocated 2.9 million euros to [...]

Thesis details fostering of patriotism in Estonian diaspora during Cold War

Kotkajärve Forest University was one of the community undertakings which were supposed to increase Estonianness in the youth. Photo from the exhibition at the Estonian National Museum. Author/source: [...]

NATURE: A small nation found strength in research after joining the European Union.

When Ülo Niinemets began his PhD in plant science at the University of Tartu in Estonia, he had access to only the most basic tools. It was 1993, [...]

Motherhood Construction Based on Personal Experiences and Sociocultural Background

If the relationship of mother and child after birth has already attracted researchers for a long time, now knowledge in different fields (e.g. neurobiology) increasingly stress on the [...]

Information about the retreat of the last Scandinavian Ice Sheet is hidden in erratic boulders

Scientists taking samples from an erratic. To prognose the weather and the ocean’s water level of the future, we have to study the processes that have occurred in the [...]

Applied Theatre Helps Children to Overcome the Loss of a Close Person

Grief is a natural part of life that probably everyone will experience during their life. For children and young people, there are specific grief support programmes such as [...]