Professor Ülo Niinemets has been awarded a top grant

Plant physiology professor Ülo Niinemets of the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu has been awarded a 2.3 million euro ERC advanced grant to study stress signals [...]

Young scientists received high European award

Young scientists from the University of Tartu received the Copernicus Masters innovation competition DLR Environmental Challenge award. Project „Urban Analyser – Your City Development Tool“ allows you to [...]

Estonian Company Looking to Produce Nation’s First Cancer Drug 

The Competence Center for Cancer Research, located in Tallinn, has developed a late-stage endometrial cancer treatment drug, which could be in production in two years.

Robot Senses Like Fish to Swim Upstream

European engineering team based in Estonia has built an electronic version of lateral line sensing on an underwater vehicle called FILOSE (Robotic FIsh LOcomotion and SEnsing).

A portable device for the assessment of brain condition

The researchers of the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) are developing a portable device for the analysis of brain electrical signals, which would enable to assess brain functioning.

The queens of interactive fabrics

“Heatit IPO three times oversubscribed”. Not a bad headline, had this electronics platform been floated on the stock market in late 2012. Instead, the small international team that [...]

Researchers of TUT breed fungus disease resistant wheat

To achieve resistance, the researchers interbred field cultivated wheat with wild wheat.

Researcher Backs ‘Gene Chip’ for Every Estonian

The director of the Estonian Genome Bank says every adult inhabitant of Estonia should have a gene chip containing the 700,000 most common markers, which would be used [...]

Invention of the University of Tartu obtained European patent

The University of Tartu was issued European patent on the invention “On-line system, a method for calibration of this and for simultaneous detection and measuring of concentrations of [...]

ESTCube-1 Reaches Orbit, Estonia Becomes 41st Space Nation 

Estonia’s first satellite, ESTCube-1, was rocketed off to orbit the Earth on Tuesday at 05:06, after strong winds had caused setbacks, postponing the initial planned launch date on [...]