How Do Children Manage Conflicts? A Young PhD Student Has The Answers.

Imagine a situation where children are fighting over toys, one is bullying another, two boys like the same girl or a teenager has to choose between a night [...]

Investigating the ancient past…in Latvia!?!?!

Estonians love an image of themselves as ancient forest people, but how would our neigbours Latvians define themselves?

Investigating waves on a swampy sea

The research group of Tarmo Soomere, professor at the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology, has so far been mainly engaged in the investigation of [...]

Summer truffles found first time in Estonia

This is the first time summer truffles have been found so far in the north. In addition to truffles, 59 other new species were discovered, while 60 top [...]

Salme boat remains – a unique arheozoological finding

In Northern Europe, boat burials were common both on the western and eastern coast of Finland, in different regions of Sweden, on the coast of Norway, on the [...]

Powder semiconductors in flexible solar cells – the brilliantly efficient solution in energy production

In cooperation with their spin-off company Crystalsol, the Department of Material Science in Tallinn University of Technology has become one of the pioneers in developing monograin powders and [...]

Professor Tambet Teesalu and the development of brain tumor penetrating peptides

A major problem in the therapy of solid tumors is the poor penetration of anti-cancer drugs into the tumor tissue and the infiltration of tumor cells. Professor Tambet [...]

Common metals – possible initiators for a chain reaction leading to Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is the main cause of dementia amongst the elderly. It is also the third leading cause of death in developed countries, and since the molecular events [...]

Cognuse – an innovative company offering second-to-none mental rehabilitation solutions through online games

Cognuse is an e-health solutions company producing and manufacturing systems and devices specifically for cognitive rehabilitation. All Cognuse’s solutions are developed in cooperation with the company’s Scientific Advisory [...]

Developers Unveil Software That Can ‘Teach Estonian in 200 Hours’ 

Details were announced last week of an Estonian-developed computer program, Language Accelerator, that its creators say is capable of teaching any language to any learner in 200 hours.